8 Cancer-causing Foods You Should Keep Off Your Diet

Lifestyle choices such as your daily diet play a significant role in your overall health, hence, it could either increase or drastically reduce your cancer risks. 

Excessive consumption of these eight popular foods has been proven to increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Grilled meat

Studies have linked the consumption of grilled meat to cancer. This is as a result of certain chemicals that are formed when meats are heated under high temperature.

During the grilling process, the amino acids and sugar in meats form heterocyclic animes, a chemical that causes cancer growth.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar is also known to promote cancer cell growth. Naturally, cells require sugar to grow but refined sugar consumed in large amounts spikes up your insulin level, this, in turn, drives the development of cancer cells.

It is advised to cut down on refined sugar products like candy, cookies, sweetened tea.

Potatoes chips/ Browned toasts

Potato chips and browned toasts contain acrylamide, a dangerous chemical that may cause cancer. These chemicals are formed during the cooking process which usually demands a high temperature.

In fact, the higher temperatures and longer cooking time result in higher acrylamide levels. Although heating your chips and toasts above 120 degrees may come will a great texture and delicious taste, it also exposes you to cancer.

Soft drinks

Energy drinks, soda and other soft drinks are a common diet for many. However, these drinks also fuel cancer growth.

Consuming one soft drink per day, according to research, increases your risks to 13 types of cancer. These soft drinks contain an alarming amount of sugar that accelerate the growth of tumours.

Farmed fish

Farmed fish basically cultivated for commercial purpose in a controlled environment. They are rich in protein and contain more fats than wild fish.

However, farmed fish are often fed with genetically modified foods/organisms which may increase cancer risks.

Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are chemically extracted from their source. They contain trans-fat which causes cancer.

They are chemically treated and packed with unhealthy omega-3, a component that alters cell structure to increase cancer risks.

You should consider alternative nutrient-rich oils such as olive and coconut oil while avoiding products made with hydrogenated oils.


Alcohol has been linked to seven types of cancer including mouth, liver, esophageal, breast, colorectal cancer.

Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol and acetaldehyde, two harmful chemicals that cause damage to healthy human cells.

Canned foods

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used by many manufacturers to produce packaging items such as cans and bottled.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which implies that it interferes with the human hormone system, and more scientific findings have shown that it’s exposure to food is linked to cancer.

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