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8 Companies Owned By Oil Tycoon, Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters is a Nigerian businessman and the founder and CEO of Aiteo Group, a prominent Nigerian energy conglomerate with interests in oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing.

Benedict Peters is known for his involvement in the energy sector, but the companies associated with him may have evolved or changed since then. Here are some companies and organizations associated with Benedict Peters:

  1. Aiteo Group: Aiteo Group is a major Nigerian energy company with interests in oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing. It is the flagship company founded and led by Benedict Peters.
  2. Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company: This subsidiary of Aiteo Group is involved in oil and gas exploration and production activities in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.
  3. Aiteo Power: Aiteo Power is a subsidiary of Aiteo Group focused on the power sector. It is involved in power generation and distribution in Nigeria.
  4. Aiteo Energy Resources: Aiteo Energy Resources is another subsidiary of Aiteo Group, primarily engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas resources.
  5. Aiteo Eastern E&P Company Limited: This is another subsidiary of Aiteo Group that operates in the upstream oil and gas sector.
  6. Aiteo Global Services Limited: Aiteo Global Services provides various support services to the Aiteo Group’s operations, including logistics, procurement, and project management.
  7. Aiteo Dredging and Marine Services: This subsidiary is involved in dredging and marine services, which can be important in the oil and gas industry for activities such as pipeline maintenance and construction.
  8. Bennett Industries Limited: This company may be associated with Benedict Peters but may not be directly related to the energy sector.

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