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8 Easiest Countries To Get A Schengen Visa

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It can be exciting to plan a trip to the Schengen area. However, with so many beautiful places to visit, choosing the ideal location can be difficult. That’s when a hassle-free trip becomes the next best criterion for vacation planning. The 2021 Schengen visa statistics show which countries are the easiest to obtain a visa for.

Here are some factors that may affect the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa:

  1. Your citizenship: Different nationalities have different requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa.
  2. Your travel history: If you have a history of travelling to Schengen countries without any issues or overstaying your visa, it could increase your chances of getting a Schengen visa.
  3. Your purpose of travel: The purpose of your trip and the documents you provide to support your visa application can also affect the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa.
  4. Your financial status: You need to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover your travel expenses.

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Based on the above factors, here are some countries that may be considered easier to obtain a Schengen visa:

  1. Poland
  2. Latvia
  3. Estonia
  4. Lithuania
  5. Slovakia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Hungary
  8. Slovenia

Again, this is not a guarantee, and your individual circumstances may vary. It is essential to carefully research the specific visa requirements for the country you plan to visit and provide all the necessary documentation for a successful visa application.

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