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All About Nigerian Actress, Uche Elendu Biography: Education, Family, Movies and Net Worth

Uche Elendu

Uche Elendu (born 14 July, 1983) is a veteran Nigerian actress, singer, and entrepreneur. From her debut in 2001 until 2010, when she took a hiatus from the Nigerian entertainment industry, she is regarded as one of the most dependable faces in the country’s film industry. She has her online TV network, Elialand.

Early Life & Education

Uche Elendu was born on the 14th of July, 1983, in Abia State, which falls in the southeast part of Nigeria. She is the first-born child of her parents and has three younger brothers, all of whom are men. Her mother is a teacher, and her father is a retired merchant and public official. From Imo State University, Elendu received a B.Sc. in international relations.


In 2001, Elendu formally began her journey in the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood. She appeared in the film Fear of the Unknown as her acting debut. Elendu took a significant sabbatical from performing after getting married, which ultimately stalled and disrupted her acting career. She was cast as the star of the film Ada Mbano in 2015. Her acting career was resurrected as a result of this film.

Personal Life

Uche Elendu got married to Walter Ogochukwu Igweanyimba in January 2012 in Owerri, Imo State.  The couple has two children together, both of which are female. Although, the couple is now divorced. Elendu has been in multiple car accidents, one of which left her unconscious. She is suffering from an ailment called endometriosis.

Selected filmography

  • 2015: Ada Mbano
  • 2009: Twilight Sisters
  • 2009: The Rain Makers
  • 2009: Nigerian Girls
  • 2008: Yankee Girls
  • 2008: Give It Up
  • 2008: Don’t Wanna Be A Player
  • 2008: Bottom Of My Heart
  • 2008: Angelic Bride
  • 2007: Old Testament
  • 2007: Mountains Of Evil
  • 2007: Most Wanted Bachelor
  • 2007: Missing Rib
  • 2007: Lost In The Jungle
  • 2007: Johnbull & Rosekate
  • 2007: Brain Wash
  • 2007: Beyond The Verdict
  • 2007: Before Ordination
  • 2006: Return Of The Ghost
  • 2006: Holy Cross
  • 2006: Chicken Madness
  • 2005: Woman On Top
  • 2005: To Love And Live Again
  • 2005: Security Risk
  • 2005: Omaliko
  • 2005: Occultic Battle

Net Worth

According to the analysis from different online sources, Uche Elendu has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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