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Another Nigerian Aims to Sing for 144 Hours in Guinness World Records Attempt

Blessing Jibromah, a Nigerian musician, is seeking to create a new world record for the longest singing marathon by one person.

The artist has stated that the 144-hour attempt will take place from July 27 to August 2.

The activity would take place in Unique Park Gardens, Sky Memorial, Zone 5, Abuja.

Jibromah stated that the practice has been approved by Guinness World Records (GWR).

Jibromah stated that she is attempting the record to demonstrate “endurance, talent, and community spirit”.

She also stated that she hopes to inspire young singers and entertainers to dream big and push their limits.

“I am thrilled to announce my desire to break the GWR for the Longest Singing Marathon (Sing-A-Thon),” she said.

“This record-breaking event promises to be spectacular; showcasing endurance, talent and community spirit.

“I am driven not just by the challenge itself but by the potential benefits it can bring to Nigerians.”

She also disclosed she will have a “stamina check” before the exercise for 48 hours on Friday.

“I will be having my 48 hours stamina check for Guinness World Records longest singing marathon on Saturday 9 am, the 15th of June until Monday 9am, the 17th of June,” she added.

India’s Sunil Waghmare holds the record for the longest singing marathon. In 2012, he sang for 105 hours at the Continental DC in Washington, DC, USA.

Jibromah isn’t the first Nigerian musician seeking to break Waghmare’s record.

Isaac Geralds, a Nigerian musician based in the United States, attempted to beat the world record earlier this month. Geralds, on the other hand, had to cease the activity after 98 hours and 26 minutes due to health concerns.

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