Bernadette Thompson: How Celebrity Nail Artist Became an A-list Consultant for Hollywood Stars

Bernadette Thompson, a celebrity nail artist, is well-known in the entertainment world and leading fashion houses for her trend-setting nail art. Bernadette has gone from being told she wouldn’t succeed as a nail artist to beginning a business in a remote location to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the beauty and fashion runways. This is partly due to her exceptional color sense and camera-ready delivery output to her clients.

She is unquestionably the go-to consultant for many A-list performers and Hollywood celebrities. This explains why her name has become a household name in nearly every fashion magazine. Bernadette does not prioritize her clients; from the girl next door to the biggest celebrity, her relationship is not based on their money account.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Lupita Nyong’o, Beyoncé, Claire Danes, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga admire her talent. Bernadette was in charge of Lady Gaga’s nails at the 2015 Met Gala, and her creation of blush pink nails that complemented the singer’s Balenciaga purse got the showbiz industry talking.

Bernadette believes she is linked to these people because of her people-centered approach to business. Because of this commercial model, she has a large following in the Hip Hop and R&B communities. Her clientele also includes male celebrities such as Jay-Z.

Bernadette Thompson Nail Care & Color line is the first black-owned nail brand to survive on that scale, according to the nail artist, and she took over the manicure fashion and beauty industry with her sleek and sexy aesthetic.

Bernadette began in a humble manner, growing up in Yonkers, New York, and moved into the nail painting craft after receiving numerous requests to correct her friends’ hair after graduating from hair school. She began paying close attention to her nails in order to avoid correcting her friends’ hair.

Her teacher informed her she wasn’t good enough to go through the program when she enrolled in a part-time nail school while working nine-to-five corporate jobs. Bernadette was determined to prove her teacher wrong, and years later, she succeeded. According to Allure, she quit her job and opened a little nail boutique in Yonkers.

Bernadette received her break from Mary J. Blige’s sister, LaTonya, a childhood friend. Mary noticed the sleekness of her sister’s nails while fixing LaTonya’s nails and instantly demanded a meeting with the nail artist. Bernadette received additional referrals from Puff Daddy after doing the singer’s nails, and she eventually did her first job for Louis Vuitton.

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