EKSU Chancellor Unveils N1 Billion Agribusiness Fund for Graduands

Tunji Olowolafe, the chancellor of Ekiti State University (EKSU), has announced a N1 billion agriculture fund for graduating students.

Olowolafe delivered remarks at the institution’s 28th convocation event on April 3 and 4.

He was speaking to Biodun Oyebanji, the state governor, on the institution’s efforts to harness the potential of the youth in agriculture.

Olowolafe stated that the N1 billion innovation fund is intended to support agro-tech firms developed by graduating students.

The chancellor also stated that the goal is to promote inclusive and sustainable growth among local communities.

“I believe in harnessing the untapped potential of our youth, particularly in fields like business process outsourcing,” he added.

“This sector presents a world of opportunity for our graduates, especially those from Ekiti State University, to immediately contribute to the global economy.

“To this end, I am excited to create a platform for 100 of the brightest minds from our esteemed institution to engage in meaningful, sustainable work that challenges them and grows their skills.

“This campus is located on very fertile land. Let us see how we can optimise the use of this land for agricultural purposes.

“Each student can lease a small plot of land for production. As we learn to pass our exams, we can also use these farms to eat and earn a living. There are no age or gender restrictions.

“As we give awards to the best academic students, we can also give awards to the best agro entrepreneurs on campus. Some can do grains while others do vegetables. Some can do poultry whilst others can do fisheries. Some can do logistics whilst others do apps.”

The chancellor stated that the institution is also launching another program to provide assistance and subsidies to up to 30 academic staff members.

He stated that the project seeks to encourage their participation in international conferences, training sessions, and research activities.

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