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First Bank Appoints Femi Otedola as Non-Executive Director

Femi Otedola, a Nigerian billionaire businessman and philanthropist, has recently been appointed as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of First Bank of Nigeria Holdings Plc, marking yet another key milestone in his distinguished career.

The nomination, which was accepted by FBN Holdings’ Board of Directors on July 9, 2023, is currently seeking regulatory approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria. The move solidifies Otedola‘s status as a key figure in Nigeria’s economic scene and demonstrates his clout in the country’s financial industry.

With a 5.57 percent stake in the Lagos-based financial services holding group as of June 30, 2023, Otedola’s engagement with First Bank cements his image as one of Africa’s top billionaires.

His success may be credited to his commercial acumen and extraordinary ability to recognize possibilities in high-growth areas ahead of others, which has resulted in an incredible wealth amassed over the years.

Otedola‘s selection to the Board of Directors of First Bank of Nigeria Limited is widely regarded as evidence of his remarkable leadership abilities and strategic thinking, which have gained him distinction for his business endeavors in a variety of areas.

The employment letter informed him of his new function as a non-executive director, defining a four-year initial term contingent on satisfactory performance and an annual performance evaluation. The tenure may be extended for two more terms of four years each, subject to the Central Bank of Nigeria‘s age restrictions.

Industry experts, stockholders, and players in Nigeria‘s banking sector have reacted positively to Otedola’s nomination. His appointment to the board will bring new perspectives and greatly contribute to the bank’s growth and development as a going concern.

This nomination comes on the heels of Otedola’s recent emphasis on boosting his position in Nigeria’s electricity sector. His power-generation company, Geregu Power Plc, has piqued interest as he seeks to cooperate with the Lagos State government and the African Development Bank Group (AFDB) to build Nigeria’s first-ever PPP power transmission project, with the goal of improving the country’s power infrastructure.

As Otedola’s influence grows in both the banking and electricity sectors, his contributions to Nigeria’s commercial landscape are projected to be significant, and his leadership is predicted to have a long-term impact on the country’s economic progress.

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