Google To Now Write Emails For You Using AI

Google has introduced an AI-powered feature for Gmail that will help users write emails “faster and more easily”.

The search giant announced the new feature called ‘Help Me Write’ at its annual I/O conference on Wednesday.

The new feature uses artificial intelligence to generate email drafts based on a user’s input.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, said the new tool also incorporates information from previous emails and offers users the option to elaborate on their prompt.

He said that the feature utilises the latest generative AI technology, similar to the one used in Google’s chatbot Bard and its competitor, ChatGPT.

To use the new feature, users will simply start typing an email and then click on the ‘Help Me Write’ button.

The AI will then generate a draft of the email, which the user can then edit and finalise.

In a blog post, Google wrote: “Let’s say you got an email that your flight was canceled. The airline has sent a voucher, but what you really want is a full refund. You could reply, and use “Help me write.”

“Just type in the prompt of what you want — an email that asks for a full refund — hit create, and a full draft appears. It conveniently pulls in flight details from the previous email. It looks pretty close to what you want to send, but maybe you want to refine it further.

“In this case, a more elaborate email might increase the chances of getting the refund. “Help me write” will start rolling out as part of our Workspace updates. And just like with Smart Compose, you’ll see it get better over time.”

In addition to the email-writing feature, Google also introduced “Immersive View” on Google Maps.

The feature allows users to visualize their routes in 3D before embarking on their journey.

Another addition is the “Magic Editor” feature, which empowers users to make significant edits to photos, without requiring professional editing tools.

In recent years, Gmail has been integrating AI technology to enhance user productivity and streamline communication.

In 2017, it introduced smart suggestions for replies and later unveiled the “Smart Compose” feature, which predicts users’ intended words.

What exactly AI means?

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.


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