How I Became Gabonese Citizen – Zack Orji

Zack Orji, a well-known Nigerian actor, has disclosed how he became a Gabonese citizen.

In a recent interview, the 64-year-old film star revealed that he was born in Gabon’s capital, Libreville, and is a citizen of the Central African country.

He stated that his birth took place in Gabon due to his father’s frequent travel for work.

Orji went on to say that he was able to return to Gabon for a movie project.

“There is a name that is not usually on the screen, my middle name. My middle name is Amefuna and my father gave me that name which means ‘let my heritage not be lost’,” he said.

“By reason of my work, I travel to different countries and by reason of my father’s work, he also traveled to different countries. He worked with John Holt, he had a knowledge of French and in one of his travels I was born in Gabon. As God will have it, I have gone back to Gabon to direct a film.”

Orji has restored his memory following successful brain surgery.

On December 29, the actor collapsed and was taken to the national hospital’s intensive care unit in Abuja.

In January, Hannatu Musawa, the culture minister, confirmed that the actor had undergone brain surgery.

Orji also had another successful brain surgery and needed further assessment abroad.

The actor grew up in Cameroon, Benin, and Togo, where he learned to speak English and French well.

His first movie was ‘Unforgiven Sin’ (1991).

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