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How I Became Mummy Wa in Mr Macaroni’s Skit – Kemi Ikuseedun

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Mommy Wa, the skit creator, Kemi Ikuseedun, claims the part she has been playing in Mr Macaroni’s routine is a coincidence.

In an interview with HipTV, the actress revealed that she met Mr Macaroni on set while attempting to do her own sketch.

She also described how he invited her to participate in his performance.

“I wore my mom’s clothes for the first time that day, that particular cloth is what I use and I wanted to do my own YouTube video and as I was shooting I went outside and I saw Mr Macaroni,” she said.

“He was like come for my shoot and I was like okay do I have anything sexy to wear, something very nice and he said No, I don’t need you to wear anything like that.

“He said I should just come with what I was wearing. So, when I got on set, he was like Mummy Wa and I was like Daddy Wa.”

The actress added that her journey as a skit maker has not been an easy one but it “helps me financially.”

“It has been very overwhelming for me because it’s something I’m not really used to,” she said.

“I use to go for a lot of auditions before skit-making came in. This is something I can do by the side to make money and all of a sudden it became the main thing. It became something that I do almost every day.

“I feature on Mr Macaroni’s set and also, and I do my own thing too. So it has been great actually and it helps me financially. It helps my acting skills as well.”

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