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How I Gained My Sight After Being Born Blind – Chidinma

Chidinma Ekile, the Nigerian gospel singer, has revealed she was born blind.

In a recent video titled ‘My Story’, Ekile spoke about her childhood and how she couldn’t see as a child.

The 32-year-old musician disclosed she gained her sight after her parents turned to God when medical efforts proved abortive.

Ekile also said she is a “covenant child” because her mother “made a deal with God” in order for her to gain sight.

She also said she couldn’t “function in any capacity without God because God is her source.”

I was born blind actually, I didn’t open my eyes at all, and that became a challenge,” she said.

“My parents tried all that they could to get me to see. Everything they tried medically proved abortive and we had to resort to God.

“So here’s my mum being a prayer warrior all of a sudden. She started fasting not because she believed that was going to work but because she had tried every other thing.

“I eventually opened my eyes. I did, which was a miracle but even at that, according to her, my eyes were so red like blood red.

“That became another issue and there was another round of fasting and prayer, anointing oil and Bibles here and there.

“These are things my parents weren’t used to but had to do because of the situation. Eventually, I started to see.

“My mum had promised to give me back to God if God could help her solve that problem. She started taking me to church and it became a tradition for us.

“Without my knowledge, my mum made a deal with God and I feel like that’s why I’ve not been able to really function in any capacity without God.

“Everything that I’ve tried to do outside of God never really works because of that covenant.

“So obviously I’m a covenant child and maybe I’ve not been able to function optimally to my fullest potential outside of God.

“I feel like God is my source and there’s no way I’ll be able to do anything outside of him. He has to be in the equation.

“The moment you find your way back to your source, everything will begin to make sense. I’m a testimony to that.

“You might have some level of success, money is made but no peace and no fulfillment. These are the things you get when you’re with your source.”

In 2021, Ekile revealed that she decided to opt for gospel music because “the devil has been winning too long.”

In the same year, she debuted her first gospel single, ‘Jehovah Overdo.’

Her debut extended play ‘New Season’, was released on August 20, 2021.

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