How I Took Loan in 3 Places to Send Mohbad to School – Father Opens Up

Mr. Joseph Aloba, father of late Nigerian rapper Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, commonly known as Mohbad, has described the ordeal of accepting three financial loans merely to ensure that his late son attended school.

According to HowNG, Mohbad died on September 12, 2023, at the age of 27.

The rapper’s death has sparked numerous emotions, with many demanding justice for the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Mohbad’s father stated in an interview with BBC Pidgin regarding the late ‘peace’ hitmaker’s death and his relationship with him when he was alive that educating him for a higher institution was not a bed of flowers.

When it came time to send Mohbad to a higher institution, he said he had no choice but to take out loans in three different locations because the money he earned from his carpentry job was insufficient to send him to school.

He stated that he chose to take out the loans after the late artist informed him of his intention to pursue higher education.

He also said that he sold one of the machines he was using for his carpenter profession in order to help Mohbad finish his studies.

He said in parts, “I even collected LAPO (financial loan) in 3 places for him to enter school because being a carpenter, I didn’t have any capital for him. So, when he decided, ‘Daddy, I wanted to attend school,’ I had to beg my friends.

“One of my friends wife stood for me, saying that she will help me collect the loan. I collected 3 together and gave it to him, that he should go to school, while I face the penalty of the loan that I collected. During the time that he wanted to finish the 2 years, even the granding machine I was using to do my carpentry job, I had to sell it.”


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