How Portable Sabotaged My Career For Two Years – Ijoba Danku

The former manager of Portable, Ijoba Danku, has disclosed why he parted ways with the singer.

During an interview with reality TV personality Doyin David, Danku accused Portable of spreading false information about him on social media.

The manager asserted that he does not promote “Gen Z music”. He claimed that he had been in the industry far longer than Portable.

He further claimed that Portable’s social media attacks had hampered his career for two years.

“If there is someone I wish I never allowed into my circle, it is Portable. All the things he said about me are lies which is why I do not talk on social media. They abuse the hell out of me, I do not care,” he said.

“What they do not know is that Danku is not a promoter of Gen Z, I am not a promoter of Gen Z. When I don dey promote song when I don become promoter as artiste manager, as a songwriter, maybe Portable still dey primary one or maybe he dey crawl, maybe he never even waka, you understand?

“I no believe in any nonsense wey dem dey put for social media. He sat down on my career for two years on social media. It is online now, the videos are everywhere. But for now, I just want them to know that I am not a social media promoter.”

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