I Invited AY to My Show But He Won’t Perform – Basketmouth

Basketmouth, a Nigerian comedian, has announced that his colleague AY Makun will not participate at his forthcoming concert in Lagos.

On November 26, the stand-up comedian will perform a gig named ‘Unprovoked Lagos’ at the Eko Hotels & Suites.

Basketmouth recently told Arise TV that, despite receiving an invitation to the show, AY will not be performing.

He claimed that AY was not on the list of performers for the show since it was written.

“AY is not on the bill to perform but he has got a ticket. He is attending. I sent him his ticket a few days ago,” he said.

“I knew a lot of people have been asking, ‘Is he gonna perform?’ He is not on the bill.

“In actual fact, I do not have that many comedians on the bill. I know Bovi is introducing me. It is not going to be a secret anyways. Senator is performing. Dan The Humorous and Aproko from Abuja are performing. I have got a few people coming in from Ghana as well.

“So the thing is, my show is already designed. We are recording for TV. So it is a three-hour set. As we speak, the guys directing and producing just came into the country about a few days ago. And before they even landed, we had already sealed the whole flow. It is not the kind of show where anybody would just get on stage. It is not that kind of show. Everything is timed. Precision to perfection.”

The development comes weeks after he publicly apologised to AY over their 17-year-old rift.

Basketmouth and AY acknowledged last year that they were not on speaking terms after being seen avoiding each other at an event.

In March, AY stated that his dispute with Basketmouth began in 2006 about money owed to him for a show he anchored for him.

Basketmouth called his colleague’s description of the incident “lies” in response to AY’s remark.

Basketmouth, on the other hand, apologized to AY, whom he referred to as “my guy” in October.

He begged his colleague’s forgiveness, saying, “I just want us to live in peace and harmony.”

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