I Spoke to God While Writing My Song ‘Me and U’ – Tems

Tems, the Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, claims to have “blacked out into a different world” when penning the lyrics for her latest hit, “Me & U.”

The singer released ‘Me & U’ earlier this month, her first song in two years.

Tems recently told BBC1Xtra that she was “having a conversation with God” when she created the song.

The singer also revealed that she chose to direct the song video to depict “God being with me from when I was a child in every version of me” as she was a youngster herself.

“I blacked out into a different world where I am really expressing my soul. And it was only after that we heard it,” she said.

“I was free-styling, I was just having a conversation with God. In my mind this is what I want, just ‘Me & U’. I don’t really want anything else.

“I just closed my eyes, and I was like ‘what do I want?’ and I just started writing the treatment.

“I want to be looking out on the water because I went to the water to talk to God as if I went there to have that conversation.

“And the whole video is really about God being with me from when I was a child in every version of me. God taking me through every single thing and blossoming into who I am meant to be at the end.

“For like six hours I was there on water and I was really giving him my all. I had not slept. I was like fainting with my eyes wide open.”

Speaking on her success, Tems said “being in a jazz band” was the kind of singer she aimed to be.

“I was like, if you can just sing for people in a lounge, I will be happy. Every single thing that is happening now is just beyond my wildest imagination,” she said.

Temilade Openiyi, born Temilade Openiyi, rose to international prominence in 2020 as a result of her collaboration with Wizkid on the song “Essence.”

She has subsequently become a famous personality in the Nigerian music industry, receiving numerous prizes and accolades.

The singer received her first Grammy trophy in February.

Tems revealed in August why she switched from Afrobeats to R&B.

The singer claimed that Afrobeats did not provide her with the “spiritual stimulation” she desired.

The singer stated that she was “willing to die” for her passion in R&B.

TIME magazine just named Tems one of the top 100 people to watch in 2023.

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