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Biography Of Okoh Michael, The Co-Founder Of Abeg

Okoh Michael Trojan popularly known as Micheal Trojan is a 22-year-old developer, who is the City Owner(CTO) at ThePeer. He also served as the co-founder of Abeg, a fast platform to send and receive money for free.

Early Life & Education

Okoh Micheal Trojan was born on October 8, 1999. He was born and raised in Lagos State, which is located in southern Nigeria. He attended Liberals College in Lagos State for middle school before going on to pursue Computer Science at Macpherson University in Ogun State. He is the son of a mechanical engineer. When he was in secondary school, he was given the nickname “Trojan.”

He created a shell script that powered off all of the machines on his school network. It took the school computer operators two days to trace the infection to the PC he used, and from then on, everyone referred to him as Trojan. Trojan became so popular that his father suggested he change his name and add Trojan to his name.


Trojan began coding when he was 5 years old, with a laptop given to him by his father as a 5th birthday present. His childhood dream was to become a pilot, but that altered when he gained access to a computer. He began learning from his father, a mechanical engineer with limited technical expertise. When he finished middle school, he began full-time education. Then, from New Horizon, a computer institute and learning center, he received his first Java certificate.

He was accepted to Macpherson University to study Computer Science in 2015. He received a position at Intel, an American multinational firm and technological company, when he was at the 200 level. He was exposed to and educated about a variety of great developer tools while working at Intel, including Github, server deployment, and others. Later, he resigned from Intel and began an internship with HNG.

He began working for a Saudi Arabian corporation in 2019, after graduating from university. He was employed by the company for five months. In December of same year, he met Dare Adekoya, the co-founder of Abeg, while enjoying an adventure at the bar beach in Lagos. They both formed the company and launched the brand. Trojan first ignored the initiative, but after the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, he became more interested in it.

Trojan is also Thepeer’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). ThePeer is a platform that allows you to send money quickly and securely across any business. In 2021, Kosisochukwu Chike Ononye, the CEO, and Trojan co-founded ThePeer. They launched this brand immediately after Trojan left Abeg as a co-founder. The concept was inspired by the difficulties one of their friends encountered while attempting to donate money.

Chike and Trojan revealed in 2022, less than a year after Thepeer was established, that $2.1 million had been raised from various investors to assist the initiative. Rallycap, BYLD, Timon Capital, Musha Ventures, and Sunu are among the companies that have contributed to the Thepeer initiative.


Personal Life

Trojan is someone that loves privacy and has a very cool life. He used to visit the beach a lot, read books, take boats, and sip whine, as he claimed in an interview. He also loves to have peace of mind.

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