Ime Udoka: Houston Rockets Coach Agrees to Pay Nia Long $32K in Monthly Child Support

Nia Long and ex-fiancé Ime Udoka have struck a child custody arrangement. According to People, the Houston Rockets coach has agreed to pay the veteran actress $32,000 a month in child support for their 12-year-old son, Kez.

In August, Long, 53, sued for legal and physical custody of their son, stating that Udoka was not providing adequate support. The former couple dissolved their relationship in December 2022 after reports surfaced that Udoka, then the Boston Celtics’ coach, cheated on Long with a married team assistant.

The accord maintains the dual custody arrangement between the Friday actress and 46-year-old Udoka, although Long now has sole physical custody. Udoka, on the other hand, will be allowed reasonable visitation due to his travel schedule with the Houston Rockets.

“Udoka shall have reasonable visitation with Kez, which may take into consideration Kez’s schedule and concerns but shall not prevent or interfere with Kez’s visitation with Udoka,” the terms of the agreement indicate.

Udoka will cover Kez’s travel expenses for visits to his father. The 46-year-old will also be responsible for his son’s nanny’s travel expenditures, as the two will be moving together during such arrangements.

“If the parties are unable to agree upon Udoka’s visitation with Kez, they shall consult and work together with Kez’s treating therapist to encourage the visits with Udoka, and the therapist will inform the parties of what is best for Kez.”

The former couple also came to an arrangement regarding vacations and holidays. According to the agreement, “the parties shall share or alternate holidays when Udoka is available and Udoka may have up to three non-consecutive weeks of vacation time with Kez each year, which may take into consideration Kez’s schedule and concerns but shall not prevent or interfere with Kez’s visitation with Udoka.”

“The parties shall notify each other of their intended summer vacation time with Kez no later than April of each year,” the terms of the agreement stipulate.

Long and Udoka got engaged in 2015 and separated roughly seven years later. Following the cheating scandal, the former NBA player resigned as coach of the Boston Celtics.

In a subsequent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Long lambasted the Celtics’ response to the controversy. She told the news source that the basketball team had not called to see if she or her two sons were okay.

“If you’re in the business of protecting women — I’m sorry, no one from the Celtics organization has even called to see if I’m OK, to see if my children are OK,” she told reporters at the time. “I think the most heartbreaking thing about all of this was seeing my son’s face when the Boston Celtics organization decided to make a very private situation public.”

In April, Udoka broke his quiet and addressed the scandal. “I released a statement months ago when everything happened and apologized to a lot of people for the tough position I put them in,” he stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

“And I stand by that, and I feel even more remorseful about it now. I spent the offseason working on myself in a variety of ways, developing in areas that allowed me to sit back, reflect, and grow. And I believe that will make me a better coach and general leader. But the situation has been settled, and I can’t say anything about it.”

When asked what he did to change, Udoka replied, “Just taking that time off and really understanding how many people you impact by a poor decision, where you start with ownership and accountability.”

He continued, “I preach that to the players, therefore I must accept responsibility for my role in it. I went through leadership and sensitivity training, as well as some counseling with my son, to help him improve the circumstance that I put him in. You can learn from difficulty, and I believe I have this year, if you spend it wisely or take the appropriate actions.



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