InDrive Invests Over N7 million to Boost Driver Safety in Nigeria


InDrive has committed over N7 million to demonstrate its solid commitment to raising urban mobility safety standards in Nigeria.

These monies have been designated particularly for the distribution of safety helmets and jackets to its drivers. The major purpose is to make driving and riding more secure for both drivers and passengers.

The driver community has been really grateful for the effort. Many people expressed gratitude for this forward-thinking gesture, emphasizing that such actions not only boost their safety but also create increased trust.

This partnership is part of inDrive’s bigger plan, which includes the launch of the Safety Pact by the leading global mobility and urban services provider.

This agreement not only reflects inDrive’s commitment to safety, but it also serves as a detailed guide for passengers and drivers. In this way, inDrive actively promotes and incorporates safe riding behaviour among its users.

The Safety Pact serves two purposes. It begins by introducing particular features that consumers can use to have a safer ride-hailing experience.

It also provides a wide range of safety suggestions, as well as a code of behavior. This ensures that every trip undertaken through the inDrive platform is not only enjoyable but also firmly founded in optimal safety standards.

Oladimeji Timothy, inDrive’s Business Representative in Nigeria, remarked,

“The allocation of funds towards safety gear and the launch of the Safety Pact underscore our dedication. We urge all passengers and drivers to embrace this pact. Such a move will cultivate an ambiance of shared respect and emphasize safety during each journey.”

As Nigeria’s urban transportation landscape evolves, inDrive is continually leading the pace with initiatives that prioritize user safety.

The company is resolute in its desire to improve the ride-hailing experience, making it safer, more streamlined, and accessible to all in Nigeria and around the world.


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