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Israel DMW Biography: Education, Career, Wife, Controversy, and Net Worth

Isreal DMW’s real name is Israel Afeare. He is a Nigerian socialite and Personal Logistics Manager. He rose to prominence as the Logistics Manager for Davido, a well-known Nigerian singer.

Early Life & Education

Isreal DMW was born in Edo State, Nigeria, on October 4, 1991. He attended primary and secondary school in Edo State. He earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma.


Isreal was hired as an assistant, publicist, and logistics manager by a popular Nigerian singer Davido shortly after he went to Lagos to make a life. Isreal has shown tremendous dedication and loyalty to his career and boss, whom he now calls a brother, over the years.

Private Life

In October, 2022, Israel DMW married his lover, Sheila David, on Saturday in Benin.

The 42-year-old social media sensation has been Davido’s aide for years and is affiliated with the singer’s 30 billion gang.

He made headlines in March when he opened Davido’s O2 Arena show.

He came on stage clad in a Benin native attire and addressed the crowd in the Benin language.

He also held a bell that rang as he ran around on stage, showering praises on Davido.


Israel stirred uproar over DJ cuppy and Zlatan’s breakup in an Instagram post in early 2021. He said that the disagreement arose from DJ Cuppy’s failure to reimburse Zlatan for his contributions to both the “Gelato” song and her fundraising efforts. Despite this, the billionaire’s daughter, DJ Cuppy, denied Israel’s claim and threatened to sue him for slander.

Israel’s employer, Davido, also fired him later that year, in August 2021. This occurred as a result of a social media comment he made against the deputy commissioner of police’s fraud charge. Following the arrest of Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, Israel took to social media to criticize the FBI.

This resulted in Israel’s suspension as Davido’s assistant.

Davido also threatened to remove him from his position permanently. Israel, on the other hand, appealed and solicited incessantly, and sought others to assist him in pleading with his boss. Davido rehired him as his logistic manager and promoter three months later.


Just weeks after Davido gave Israel a new Venza automobile, Israel was involved in a tragic accident in Benin City. His new car collided with an incoming vehicle, resulting in severe injuries and property damage.


On March 5, 2022, Nigerian rapper Davido will hold a tour at London’s O2 Arena. To everyone’s surprise, his logistic manager, Isreal DMW, performed the grand opening. Israel DMW addressed the gathering in his home language while dressed in Edo native garb. He made words like “Oba ghato kpere,” a greeting used to address the Oba of Benin, which enthralled the audience.

Israel lavished adulation on Davido by ringing a bell as he strolled slowly around the platform. The audience was ecstatic after the performance because Fans from all across the world shared their joy on social media.


Israel DMW has earned over $30,000 as a result of his hard work and diligence. Israel’s estimated net worth is $40,000 USD as of March 2022.

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