Joseph Benjamin Slams Eniola Ajao for Using Bobrisky to Promote Ajakaju in Cinema

Nigerian actor Joseph Benjamin has criticized his colleague Eniola Ajao for reportedly employing Bobrisky, a crossdresser, to promote her current film, ‘Ajakaju’.

The March premiere of ‘Ajakaju’ was marred by controversy when Bobrisky was named “best dressed female” at the ceremony.

Celebrities reacted negatively on social media after the crossdresser won.

Ajao eventually apologized for the situation, citing Bobrisky’s prize as a “publicity stunt”.

She also introduced new winners in the category.

Bobrisky was recently observed at a cinema in Ikeja advertising ‘Ajakaju’.

On Tuesday, Benjamin responded to the video by accusing Ajao of employing a crossdresser for movie promotion.

He further chastised the director for apparently lying about her intentions, despite stating the prize was a publicity gimmick.

“I thought Eniola was crying, saying the award was a publicity stunt to market the movie,” he wrote.

“Now Bobrisky is doing a meet and greet? For the same movie. Who is fooling who please. Smh.”

Benjamin made his feature debut in the 1995 film ‘Crossroads’.

He has appeared in various Nollywood films, including ‘Kiss and Tell’, ‘Tango With Me’, and ‘Murder at Prime Suites’.

He has also garnered numerous accolades for his craft.

In 2012, he won the African Film Awards’ African Actor of the Year category.

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