Lady Living in Italy Saves N68million in Her Nigerian Account, Returns to See Only N3k

A woman who lived in Italy for many years is said to have lost N68 million she had saved in a Nigerian bank account.

Glory Omokaro was alleged to have visited Italy in 2005 in a TikTok video. Back in Nigeria, she allegedly worked hard and saved the money.

Glory opened the bank account when she first visited Nigeria from Italy in 2013 and began saving money in it.

She opened the account while visiting her family in Benin, Edo state.

Glory kept money in the account till it reached N68 million, intending to use it when she returned to Nigeria.

She claimed that when she returned to Nigeria in May 2023, she discovered barely N3000 in the bank account.

Her ATM card expired in 2021, and she called the bank manager to renew it, but she was told she had to be physically present.

Glory was unable to travel to Nigeria at the time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Only N3000 remained in her account when she returned in May 2023.

When she obtained a bank statement, it was discovered that money had been transferred from the account in several tranches.

The story was told on Brekete Family Radio by Glory’s brother.

Reactions as lady loses N68 million in bank account

@Lawrence said:

“There is always a money trail. Usually movement of such amounts requires authorization from a branch manager.”

@okeoghene commented:

“This thing happened to my elder brother.”

@jobabutu865 said:

“This is exactly wat Nigeria Bank does, if there is money in an account and no activity in few yrs de think de person is dead and dey start cashing out.”

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