Mohbad Ranked 46th Best-Selling Digital Artiste in the World


There is no doubt that Mohbad has received more international fame, established more significant records, and earned more kindness in his death than he could have imagined in his five-year musical career.

Mohbad has surpassed international superstars such as Nicki Minaj, Eminem, 21 Savage, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and other music giants to become the world’s 46th best-selling digital musician just a week after his death.

Global Digital Artist Ranking is a ranking statistic and metrics based on a song’s total or all-time performance on major music sites such as iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

When a music artist dies, it is common for fans, music aficionados, and interested people to reflect on the departed singer’s life and work, resulting in a noticeable increase in their music streams.

It is taking place. Mohbad, who died on September 12 at the age of 27 and was laid to rest the next day in Ikorodu, Lagos State, has achieved rockstar status less than two weeks after his death.

However, unlike others, the circumstances surrounding his death have shocked many, as the slain musician continues to create headlines and dominate debate within and beyond the country.

More evidence emerges online every hour, indicating that the musician was not just a victim of intimidation, bullying, and violence, but that he may have slid deep into melancholy even before his death.

Surprisingly, Mohbad’s songs reflected his real-life difficulty, since his lyrics predicted his death and the events that followed, as well as revealing some cryptic messages about his life’s struggles.

Mohbad’s resurgence is evident in the increasing number of streams on various streaming platforms.


As of press time, the singer is the world’s 46th best-selling digital musician, a distinction that most of his peers have yet to achieve even in their lifetime.

At press time, Mohbad’s tracks ‘Peace,’ ‘Feel Good,’ and ‘Ask About Me’ were rated number one on Spotify Nigeria and were topping streaming platforms such as Shazam, YouTube, iTunes, and Apple Music.

According to TurnTable Charts, Mohbad’s music streams have grown by 702% since his death.

According to streaming platform data, the late singer’s library has received over 8.02 million on-demand streams, a significant increase from the previous week’s 999,000 on-demand streams, which spanned September 1 to September 7.

Several tracks from Mohbad’s catalog stood out as the most streamed during his death. “Beast and Peace” received 1.22 million on-demand streams, a staggering 716 percent increase from 141,000, while “Ask About Me” received over 1.06 million, a remarkable 407 percent increase from 208,000.

“Peace” had 837,000 on-demand streams, a 1378 percent increase from 57,000, “Pariwo” had 707,000 on-demand streams, a 588 percent increase from 103,000, and “Sabi” had 608,000 on-demand streams, a 973 percent increase from 57,000.

Mohbad had already left his imprint on the charts with two top 10 hits, “KPK (Ko Por Ke),” which peaked at number three in 2020, and “Feel Good,” which peaked at number seven in 2021.

‘Imole,’ as he frequently eulogised himself, soon distinguished himself from the plethora of up-and-coming artistes, a move that catapulted him to stardom. He had all the makings of a successful Afrobeats artist.

His debut in Nigerian music provided audiences with appealing hits like as “Ponmo,” “Feel Good,” and the chart-topping “KPK (Ko Por Ke).”

Not only Mohbad, but other artists like as Pop Smoke, Dagrin, Nipsey Hussle, and many others became much more prominent following their deaths.

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