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Mr Macaroni Biography: Education, Career, Relationship, Controversy, Awards, and Net Worth

Popularly known as Debo Adebayo Mr Macaroni is a Nigerian actor, comedian, entrepreneur, and social media influencer best known for his catchphrase ‘ooin you’re doing well’. Mr. Macaroni founded Mr. Macaroni Entertainment Ltd.

He has been acting for some years, but recently came into the limelight after starting a series of comedy skits through a registered company that specializes in arts and entertainment. Most of his skits feature him as a sugar daddy looking for a side chick, and they are always full of adventures. His videos are popular due to their uniqueness and the lessons that viewers learn at the end.

Early Life & Education

Mr Macaroni was born on May 3, 1993, in Lagos, Nigeria, to a family of ten. His father is a journalist who used to broadcast news on television, and his mother is an educator.

His childhood was both simple and exciting. One of his sources of inspiration is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Debo graduated from secondary school in 2009 and went on to attend four different private universities in Nigeria.

His education was not exactly rosy, as he attended three different universities before graduating from Redeemer’s University. Mr Macaroni stated that at his first school, he studied law. He became more confrontational and aggressive as a result of his legal studies, especially when expressing his concerns.

His first admission to study law in a private institution was cut short in his 200 level when they learned on the news that the university’s law department was not accredited. They had to call a meeting to figure out what was going on, but the school was completely unconcerned about it. People began to leave the school at some point, including Mr. Macaroni.

Mr. Macaroni was accepted to another private university to study the same law, and everything was going well until he had a disagreement with one of his lecturers. He was summoned by school officials and asked to leave the school for a period of time until they reached a final decision. He was not explicitly expelled, but he chose to leave. After a while, his friends informed him that his name had appeared on the result sheet, but Debo had already transferred to another university.

He attended another private university, the third School, and had already decided to study Creative Arts rather than Law. He returned to the university and was informed by the Dean of Student Affairs that the institution had not yet begun offering Creative Arts, but he could study English. This enraged him because he had been accepted to study Creative Arts. After a year, he had to leave.

He eventually got into Redeemer’s University in Osun State to study Creative Arts. The Redeemed Christian Church of God owns the university. During his time at the university, he was determined to leave a legacy that would make every student an ambassador for the university.

While at the Redeemer, he served as president of the student body and did his best to make every student happy and comfortable. He was almost expelled from Redeemers University a few days before his graduation because of a Facebook post he made.

Mr. Maconi settled his case with redeemer university mgm on June 14th, 2018 and received his certificate. On March 5th, 2020, he finished his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and received his certificate. He was overjoyed as many of the serving coppers gathered around him for photos. He stated on his Instagram account that he stood for over 2 hours taking photos with his colleagues who appreciate his craft for various reasons.


Mr Macaroni has been an actor for many years, appearing in films and soap operas such as Face 2 Face, Super Story, Family Ties, Nowhere To Be Found, Papa Ajasco, Mistresses, Kajola, Ifa Iwa, Obinrin, and many others. It took him a while to decide to start doing online comedy. He always said he couldn’t do it because of his lack of creative arts education and the fact that he was already appearing in movies and soap operas. before embarking on the ‘Mr Macaroni’ series. He stated that at one point in his life, he stopped getting movie roles and appeared to be inexperienced.

He’d go on Instagram and see people like Maraji and Broda Shaggi posting online skits that people were really enjoying. But he didn’t start right away because he was still caught up in his ego. He couldn’t see himself doing comedy routines. Later, the idea of doing comedy skits struck him, and he began playing the role of an elderly schoolteacher.

When asked how he got started with the Mr Macaroni series, he explained that it all started when a company approached one of his producers and asked for someone to make a short YouTube video. Before the’sugar daddy’ character that he is currently portraying, he played the role of an old school teacher.

He made the decision to begin creating new Instagram content. And that’s how He ended up doing skits. He has collaborated with top Nigerian actors and comedians such as Adedimeji Lateef, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Woli Arole, Seyi Law, and many others.

Alleged Marriage to Mummy Wa

In April 2022, Mr Macaroni cleared the air on the wedding-themed photos he earlier shared with fellow skit maker, Kemi Ikuseedun, also known as Mummy Wa.

Mr Macaroni had on April 23 and 24, shared wedding-themed pictures of himself and Mummy wa, who always acted as his wife in his skits.


The pictures, however, caused a lot of uncertainties among his fans, as they wondered if it was a real wedding or a skit.

But in a tweet on Tuesday, which is also Mr Macaroni’s birthday, the comedian noted that he wasn’t married to Mummy wa.

The comedian who just turned 29 said this while thanking his fans for their wishes.

Nurse Skit

In 2022, Mr Macaroni was in the spotlight following one of his ‘freaky freaky’ skits which included a nurse played by one of his people.

In the video, the nurse was dressed inappropriately and it did not go down well with a representative of nurses who owns CEO Nurses Network.

According to a Nurse, Osagie Merry, health care professionals shouldn’t be portrayed in that light and nurses have worked over the years to portray a positive image.

“Dear @mrmacaronii, The Nursing Community attention has been drawn to your Recent videos promoting Nurses as Sexual object. It’s funny until health care professionals start trending as “sexual objects”, raunchy and uncultured. Obviously your comedy centers around playing with the mind of viewers by using sex*ually provocative images of endowed women (both subtly and direct) and though you passes some messages to those in power which you can call your own “sauce”…Albeit… This is uncalled for and shouldn’t be taken as a light joke.” 

In a reply on Twitter, Macaroni affirmed that his ‘freaky freaky’ videos won’t stop because that is not the only role he plays.

“Let me use this opportunity to address those always pushing the narrative that most of my contents are with women. First thing you should know is; that won’t stop!! I play other characters. Why be say na only the one with woman you dey watch??” 


He won the African Youth Choice Awards 2015 and other Unrecognized Awards.

In 2020, he won both the Future Award Africa for the Content Category and the City People music’s award for Comedy act of the year.

In 2021 he won the Afro X digital awards for the Influencer of the year category.


Net Worth

  • He has grown from a regular Instagram user to an influencer with more than 550,000 followers. however, still new to the industry and we’re unable to get accurate estimate Net worth but will worth $100,000 Above


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