My Father Has 33 Children and 120 Grandchildren – Northerners Boast About their Large Families

Some northerners have boasted about the large number of wives, children and grandchildren in their families.


They disclosed this on Sunday, April 30, 2023, after a former Commissioner of Works in Kano State, Muaz Magaji, shared a photo of members of one family from the north.


“Masha Allah.. All looking good and well taken cared of Alhamdulillah…no street beggar here. This is one family in Muslim North…let the census begin…and when ever you start thinking of the figures accuracy, remember this…one family is equivalent to your entire street,” Magaji wrote.


A journalist, Adamu Yunusa, said his father has 33 children and 120 children.


“He is still alive and a bit healthy,” he added.

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