Nigeria Generates 1.5 Million Tonnes of Plastic Waste Every Year

plastic waste

Mr. Mohammed Abdullahi, Nigeria’s environment minister, claims that the nation produces over 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually.


For a county with a population of about 200 million, this is a significant sum. Additionally, the Minister claims that just one-tenth of the nation’s total plastic garbage is recycled.


At a presentation to introduce the Plastics Industry Gap Analysis report, the minister was speaking.


Lack of waste management infrastructure, inadequate public knowledge, indiscriminate dumping and burning of plastic trash, and poor behavioral attitudes are listed as the main causes of the country’s increasing plastic pollution. Infrastructure for waste management has been slow to develop due to a lack of public and private support.


The Minister commended the Technical Assistance project’s efforts, which are being made possible by funding from the French government. The Federal Government’s continued efforts to ensure the nation’s sustainable development, he thought, will be aided by the project.


The Gap Analysis report will serve as a useful handbook for all participants of the Solid Waste Management sector, he hoped.


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