Nigeria on the Verge of Renewable Energy Revolution – Fabian Lojede

The Nigerian actor Fabian Lojede has entered the technological sector by co-founding Taranis Novus, an energy startup.

In a recent announcement, Lojede, who appeared in the African series ‘Jacob’s Cross,’ announced a partnership with LithTech, a renewable energy firm.

Lojede described renewable energy as the “new age of technological revolution” in his remarks about the collaboration.

“Nigeria is at the precipice of a renewable energy revolution,” he said

“This is based on the cost of energy, generally, across Africa and particularly in Nigeria, and the fact that renewable energy like solar and other renewable energy platforms have really improved in technology, and also in accessibility.

“We are almost at that stage that we were when GSM came and I think the next kind of technological revolution that will take place is the adoption of renewable energy platforms and formats.”

Lojede believes Nigeria’s transition to renewable energy is attainable through strategic partnerships and government-provided carbon credit incentives.

“The initial cost of investment might be slightly higher, but most of the time, it pays for itself,” he said.

“So in terms of being sustainable and accessible to people, I believe we are on the right path.”

Kehinde Olaleye, the deputy managing director at Taranis Novus, said the organisation’s goal is to “decrease the cost of living for Nigerians”.

“Our impact and what we want to do with this product is to power up Nigeria. This has been going on for so long and I think this is the right time given subsidy removal,” he said.

“Our goal which fits rightly into the federal government’s goals as well lies in sectors such as education and health. We aim to bring the cost of energy solutions in hospitals down so that any Nigerian can afford good health.

“The other thing is that the consumption of things in Nigeria is going higher because the cost of operation of MSMEs and companies is about 70% on diesel.

“So they have to pass the costs on to customers. We are providing a solution that can save them 50%. We believe out of that 50%, maybe 10% will go for profit, the 10% will go for research and development and then 10% will be reduced for the cost of living which will benefit all Nigerians.”

LithTech Global’s worldwide sales director, Leo Liu, stated the company’s eagerness to teach Nigerians in solar energy technology, delivering off-grid solutions to both residential and business customers.

Taranis Novus now has exclusive distribution rights for LithTech goods and solutions across Africa, with the exception of South Africa.

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