Nigerian Couple Welcomes Triplets After Six Years of Waiting

Emmanuel Offei, a Nigerian man, and his wife had triplets after a six-year wait.

Omotunde Adebowale-David, the actress and on-air personality widely known as Lolo 1, announced the birth of the babies via Instagram on Friday.

The entertainer also tweeted a snapshot of Offei’s wife holding the newborns.

The OAP revealed that her previous manager, Offei, had been waiting to have children for six years.

She congratulated the couple for the arrival of their triplets, adding that “I am deliriously happy”.

The actress also encouraged other couples who are waiting to have children, saying “God will come through”.

“My former manager and his beautiful wife after six years gave us triplets,” she said.

“I have cried and danced and I am just deliriously happy. If you are waiting, God is coming through. I know like I know my name.

“Emmanuel Offei and wifey congratulations again!”

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