Nigerian Influencer Apologizes After Backlash Over UK Study Visa Comments

Influential Nigerian man Emdee Tiamiyu has issued an apology after inciting outrage among his countrymen on social media by asserting that some Nigerians just apply to study in the UK in order to obtain visas for themselves and their families.

Tiamiyu, who runs a YouTube channel, made that statement during an interview with the BBC.

“We’re beginning to see that a lot of people just hide behind the studentship. So the student thing is not real, it’s not like they need the degrees,” he said in the interview in question.

Since the interview aired, many Nigerians have criticized Tiamiyu for his remarks on social media, with some saying he intentionally hurt his countrymen. The influencer apologized on his YouTube channel on Wednesday after giving in to the payback.

“I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you,” Tiamiyu said, per BBC. Though the influencer also expressed remorse over the “pain” people felt over his comments, he said he also cast Nigerians in a positive light during the interview.

Tiamiyu claimed that the reason he agreed to the interview was so that he could “highlight some of the challenges” that Nigerians face both at home and in the UK. He added that he wouldn’t have agreed to an interview if he had thought the subject would be about “putting Nigeria to shame.”

The Nigerian influencer added that he wasn’t sure how to handle the backlash. The UK government recently announced that it will make it more difficult for most overseas students to bring their families to the country while they are studying there. This announcement led to Tiamiyu’s interview with the BBC.

Take a look at some reactions to Tiamiyu’s comments and his apology below:





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