Nigerian iImmigrant Breaks 30 Years Academic Record at Herzing College in Canada

Ernest Omo-Ojo, a Nigerian novelist, businessman, and policy thinker, has made history by winning the Herzing College Cup, an honor given to the Herzing Institution’s most talented and gifted student overall.


Omo-Ojo is the only student from the Ottawa Campus of Herzing College to have ever won the coveted honor since the award’s inception thirty years ago, according to Prime Business Africa. Omo-Ojo is the son of Kevin Crupi, the president of Herzing College, Ottawa Campus, Canada.


The Herzing College Cup is an annual tournament for students on the Institution’s campuses worldwide, including those in the United States. Each campus submits a list of its best or most deserving students for consideration by a jury of up to 40 to 50 judges. But because to Omo-Ojo’s incredible efforts, the prize visited the Ottawa Campus for the first time in its 30th edition.

The Nigerian scholar’s path to achievement has not been simple. He worked for nearly 20 years at ExxonMobil, one of the biggest integrated fuels, lubricants, and chemical businesses in the world, before being allegedly fired without cause in June 2019.


He claimed ExxonMobil terminated his employment without following due process, and he filed a lawsuit against the business in 2020, seeking $215,000 in damages for the wrongful dismissal. Omo-Ojo claims that the reason he disengaged was because he wrote a book with a religious theme and was considering running for vice president of a cooperative society.


‘The Potent Force of Sponsorship’ and ‘The Audacious Faith’ are written by Ernest Omo-Ojo.

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