Nigerian Parents Raise Concerns Over Growing Cross-Dressing Trend

Some parents and guardians in the FCT have condemned the growing cross-dressing trend among young people and called for measures to combat it.

In separate interviews with NAN on Sunday in Abuja, the parents stated that the appeal became necessary due to the growing popularity and acceptance of cross-dressers among young people.

They regretted the fact that, in addition to the recently imprisoned Idris ‘Bobrisky’ Okunneye, the self-proclaimed ‘Mummy of Lagos’, there were other rising cross-dressers with large followings.

According to them, popular cross-dressers include Jay Boogie (born Daniel Nsikan), James Brown, Miss Sahhar, and Noni Salma, among others.

According to the parents, the “Bobrisky menace” is an epidemic that demands punitive measures to properly combat it, as well as a total value reorientation among young Nigerians.

Uche Daniels, a school principal, noted that while Bobrisky was convicted of abusing the naira note, her claim to be “a social media influencer with over five million followers” raised concerns.

“Imagine Bobrisky having over five million followers on social media, of course, that is a huge number, comprising our children who are gradually drifting towards accepting and following a wrong lifestyle,” Daniels went on to say.

“He claimed before the court that he was a social media influencer, but the question should be if the influence is helpful or detrimental for society and our moral values.

“Consider how many of the children’s sexual orientations have changed as a result of his influence, and how many future ‘Bobriskys’ he has nurtured.

“Our moral fabric is tearing apart and the future has to be rescued, we must cry out urgently.”

Zainab Ododo, a parent and culture enthusiast, stated, “I recently traveled to a part of the country for an event, and what I saw made me cry.”

“When I saw a group of young males dressed in women’s hair and cosmetics with no shame, I questioned whether they were Nigerian.

“How did we get here? This is why I believe the government and law enforcement authorities should intervene against the identity crisis threat.

“Many parents are in pain today as a result of Bobrisky’s and his likes’ activities, and we must save ourselves off this drift from morality and godliness.”

Also, a legal practitioner merely known as Micheal stated: “I’ve seen claims that Bobrisky and other cross-dressers have the freedom to be themselves.

“But I have often asked advocates for such fundamental human rights if they would let a cross-dresser to use the same female restroom as their wife because he dressed like a woman.

“Of course, the response has always been an emphatic no, which is why we must act now to prevent any future ‘Bobrisky’; otherwise, we will face an era of chaos in the near future.

“As Africans, we have two sexual orientations: a child is either male or female; boy or girl, man or woman.

“I strongly believe that our present situation stems from abandoning everything that makes us unique as a people and embracing practices that are alien to our values.”

The preacher, Sam Davidson, stated that the Holy Books (Bible and Quran) recognize only male and female sexes and expressly prohibit mimicking the appearance of the opposing gender.

“I understand that the Police recently said that there is no provision in the law suggesting that cross-dressing in Nigeria is a crime, but something has to be done to save our children.”

However, some youngsters who spoke with NAN expressed opposing viewpoints and looked unconcerned about the concerns of their parents and guardians.

Some said that cross-dressing was simply a technique of gaining fame and attracting a large number of followers on social media for financial advantage, and that individuals participating were not transgender.

“I think those involved are just ‘catching cruise’ and attracting followers on social media to make money, so there is nothing to worry about,” Sammy Dan, the comedian who created the sketch, said.

“You know Bobrisky has made a lot of money out of this entire cross-dressing business, which is why others, including James Brown, decided to join the train.

“The country is hard and there is no job for guys, so everyone wants to ‘blow’ by any means oh.”

Esther Danladi, a corps member, expressed concern about the cross-dressing trend, which may soon become the standard.

“God created two genders, man and female, which are identified by how one dresses; any modification is wicked and morally wrong.

“We must do everything possible to stop this bad trend, if not, our collective future will be in danger.”

In April 2022, Nigeria’s House of Representatives discussed a bill prohibiting cross-dressing.

The bill seeks to amend the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act (SSMPA) by defining crossdressing as “the practice of wearing clothes typically worn by a person of the opposite sex.”

The proposed modification, on the other hand, stated that the articles “shall not apply to cross-dressing in the course of a stage play or any bona fide public entertainment”.

If enacted into law, cross-dressers might face up to six months in jail if they maintain their existing practice.

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