Nigerian Startup Dojah Launches New Anti-Fraud Product For Digital Businesses

Dojah, a Nigerian startup that provides identity verification solutions for digital firms onboarding African consumers, has launched EasyDetect, an enhanced fraud detection technology that enables businesses to detect and prevent fraudulent activity on their platforms.

Alumni of Y CombinatorDojah is a major provider of all-in-one identity verification solutions, assisting African businesses in developing more seamless connections with actual users and enabling these customers to effortlessly access additional services. Dojah’s verification tools span the whole customer lifecycle, including acquisition, activation, retention, continuous fraud monitoring, and client level upgrade.

EasyDetect, which tackles the growing demand for African businesses to prevent fraudulent activities such as phony accounts, attempted fraudulent orders, and payment gaps, has now been launched by the startup in over ten African nations. It offers strong fraud detection and prevention capabilities, allowing organizations to discover suspicious activity immediately and take proactive steps to secure their platforms.

The new product comes at a time when fintech and other digital businesses are experiencing a surge in online activities, resulting in an increased need for advanced identity verification solutions that would go beyond helping them onboard real users to also prevent fraudulent activities.

“Fraudulent activities pose a significant threat to African businesses, and it’s our mission to provide solutions that protect our customers and their users,” said Tobi Ololade, CEO of Dojah. “With EasyDetect, businesses can identify and block suspicious activity quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of financial loss and reputational damage.”

EasyDetect provides customisable rules, events, and conditions that can be set up to meet specific use cases. It allows insights into fraudulent user behaviour, detects unusual events beyond preset rules, and offers automated alerts for suspicious activity. The system is easy to integrate with existing security systems and provides flexible and scalable fraud protection.

“We are excited to bring this solution to the African market and help businesses tackle fraud head-on,” said Ololade. “EasyDetect is part of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the digital economy in Africa.”

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