N’namdi Arinze Opens Atlanta’s First Black-Owned, Plant-Based Vegan Chicken Wings Restaurant


Meet N’namdi Arinze, the founder and owner of Vegan Wangs, an Atlanta-based delivery and catering service that specializes in soy-free vegan chicken wings and gluten-free oyster mushroom wings, as well as side dishes and beverages. With flavors like Buffalo, Thai sweet chili, Ginger teriyaki, Mango habanero, Lemon pepper, and others, the Black-owned company has already pleased vegans and non-vegans alike.


N’namdi comments, “We’re excited to offer delicious plant-based options that everyone, including meat eaters, can enjoy.” Nnamdi was raised vegan in the early 80s and always wanted to create a vegan chicken wing brand that differed from the made-in-China soy-based wings that vegans are moving away from.



As the number of people wanting plant-based meat replacements continues to grow, more companies will be stepping up to offer their versions of this popular food trend. Vegan Wangs is the latest addition to this ever-growing but still untapped market segment and with restaurants and grocery store chains on board to carry their product.


Vegan Wangs is currently only available for take-out and delivery in the Atlanta metro area via Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. However, the wings will soon be available in grocery store chains across the country, as well as in bulk for restaurants. N’namdi also intends to expand to other cities in the near future, beginning with Brooklyn, New York.



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