Pan-African Crypto Exchange Yellow Card Launches New Payment Feature

Pan-African crypto exchange Yellow Card has launched a new payment feature called Yellow Pay, allowing customers to send and receive money through the Yellow Card crypto exchange platform, without any extra charges, instantly with just a few taps on their phone.


Since launching in Nigeria in 2019, Yellow Card has sought to make Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone in Africa. It is now active in 16 countries, and recently hit the one million user mark.



In September of last year it announced the close of its US$40 million Series B funding round, which it said would enable the company to drive exponential business growth, continue its expansion across the continent, and develop new products. One such new product is Yellow Pay, which uses Yellow Card’s crypto exchange platform to complete customer transactions in USDT.


“This is more than just a money transfer service – it’s a powerful tool that will unlock new opportunities for people across Africa,” said Chris Maurice, CEO and co-founder of Yellow Card. “By enabling instant, low-cost transactions across borders, we are helping to create a more connected and dynamic Africa.”



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