PHOTOS: ABSU Lecturer Kneels Before Student to Propose on Valentine’s Day

A lecturer at Abia State University (ABSU) stunned witnesses when he proposed to a female student in her classroom on Valentine’s Day.

Anucho Wisdom, the professor, got down on his knees to propose to his fiancee in front of the class.

The female student he proposed to is claimed to be from the Department of Optometry.

On Wednesday, footage from the occasion surfaced on social media and went viral, eliciting generally positive comments.

Students in the classroom and her close colleagues can be heard cheering as the fiancee accepts the proposal with a nod.

Nwaohamuo, a coursemate of the student the instructor proposed to, may have shared images on Facebook.

She stated that the instructor astonished everyone by proposing to his fiancee, who had previously been his student.

In the caption, she wrote: “What a memorable Valentine’s Day! My boss, Anucha Wisdom, proposed to his fiancee in the classroom.

“Note, he didn’t find love outside the terrine but inside his territory. Lecturer and student love. Congratulations to them!”

Noble Ugo Anucha, another Facebook user, wrote: “Hearty congratulations, Dedem Anucha Wisdom!

“Dee Law and Dee Ngo are happily happy about this move. We have a wedding to plan. It’s all to the glory of God.”

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