PHOTOS: Hilda Baci Gifts Cooking Class Students Car and Millions of Naira

The Nigerian chef Hilda Baci gave millions of naira and a car to her cooking class students.

The chef had planned the cooking class, which had a set registration fee, to instruct Nigerians who were interested in making unusual dishes.

At a prize-giving ceremony held at the conclusion of the program, participants received gifts including a car, cash, electronics, kitchen equipment, and food.

Baci posted pictures of the event’s winners on her Instagram feed on Tuesday.

The chef praised Essy, the other pupils who received prizes at the event, and the chef who won the car.

Baci said she is grateful for the “ability to make positive impact” with her knowledge and expertise.

“It has been such an incredible journey from my first online cooking class 2 years ago to now this 10th class,” she said.

“God has been faithful. Making a positive impact with the knowledge I have been blessed with is certainly one of God’s purpose for me.

“And I am grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit thus far, his grace indeed is sufficient for me and all that concerns me and that includes my wonderful students and staff.

“Big congratulations to @chef.essy for emerging winner of the car, and many congratulations to all the amazing winners of the moneys, phones, and kitchen appliances.”


Baci gained fame for her record-breaking cooking marathon in May.

However, she was dethroned by Alan Fisher, an Irish chef, who surpassed her record in November.


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