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Searching For A Business Idea? Checkout How Pig Farming Turns Into Goldmine Business

In Nigeria, breeding and keeping pigs for domestic and commercial uses is increasing popularity. Pig meat (pork) is commonly consumed around the world because it is a good source of protein.

Despite the fact that it is a multi-million naira enterprise, many people overlook this goldmine because they regard pigs as unclean animals. Smart farmers who use contemporary pig-raising methods, on the other hand, make a fortune from pig farming and meat production.

In reality, traditional pig keepers are now transitioning to contemporary pig breeds and hygienic management procedures in order to encourage pork consumption. Currently, the domestic market handles approximately 60% of pig output, while approximately 30% of live pigs worth approximately N3 billion are exported from Nigeria to neighboring countries each year.

However, the demand for pork is rising, especially for dietary purposes of those in the elite circle of the country who are health conscious. A sow (female pig) can give birth up to three times in a year and it gives birth to 10 to 13 piglets at once.
There is currently a health movement known as the Ketogenic Movement that is conscious of diet regimes that involve cut in carbs and high fat to keep fit.

Pig farmers who spoke to Daily Sun at the Porkies Family Hangout in Lagos said that in terms of value chain, they have been able to turn pork meat into a variety of products such as sausages, bacon, burgers, barbeque, suya, and even Nigerian local dishes such as efor riro (vegetable soup), banga soup, afang soup, pepper soup, and other delectable dishes. Pigskin is also utilized to make gorgeous leather products such as shoes, boots, handbags, saddles, belts, seats, footballs, and other clothes such as shirts, coats, and blazers.

Mobenikay Farms Ltd’s Prince Kola Osunsanmi, who was a poultry farmer for eight years before moving into piggery, said he is more relaxed in his new line of work.

Speaking on the most lucrative aspect in piggery business, he said it is the finishers who buy weaned ones and then fatten them for another three to four months before selling.
He said: “Although I practice from farrow to finish – that is, buying a male and two or more females and breeding them to give birth. The piglets will then suckle their mother for two months, after which you wean and fatten them for another four months before selling. This takes a lot of time.”
According to him, the quickest way to get turnovers is for those who buy weaning ones and fatten them for four months then they make their money. He explained that when a farrow to finish is still in its weaning stage, finishers are on their second cycle.
Speaking with Daily Sun, the Managing Director, No1PigFan Limited, Mr. Femi Malomo, said farmers have realised that health conscious Nigerians are always demanding for pork because it is a good source of protein. He added that it was now important to let Nigerians know that the world has embraced pork as one of the best sources of protein because neighbouring countries are benefiting from pigs exported from Nigeria.
He explained: “We have a health movement known as Ketogenic and it’s all about diet regiment based on low carbohydrate and high fat to keep fit. We found out that these people are always looking for pork everywhere because is recommended for them as a good source of protein.
“So Nigerians are now demanding for pork and the funny thing is that they have not been able to get it as they want because some people are timid in associating with it. That is why we the elite are here today to associate with pork, to showcase pork and to let people know that it is the best meat.”
He said pork meat is the fastest and most popular meat at the moment among the educated middle class, especially those that are health conscious. He said that pig farmers are looking at a very huge industry that is capable of employing millions of Nigerians and generating foreign exchange for Nigerians.
On disease control and prevention, the farmers are optimistic that Nigerian pigs are healthy and precautions have been taken to curb that.
He said, “we take very good care of our pigs and we have engaged veterinarians that help us to take care of their health daily. We disinfect their pens, wash them, we test them in order to ensure that what we are doing here meets international standards.”

Mr. Eniola Bamgbelu of Voltron Farms Limited stated that pigs were once raised in Bush Waller, but times have changed. According to statistics from 2015/2016, pork accounts for approximately 36% of total protein meat consumption worldwide, followed by goat and chicken, among others.

He asserted that pigs are now refined, eat healthy, and drink clean water because pork producers are now enlightened, claiming that pigs now consume what an ordinary chicken eats and that worms are being addressed by new genetics and new methods of rearing them.

While advising potential investors, he said, “pig farming is a full science on its own. It is not business as usual and it is no longer like the way our forefathers used to do it. People have to have a start up fund and learn the science of the business because if you don’t learn, you won’t get it right.”

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