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SGT Auto Transport: How to Ensure a Smooth Relocation of Your Car


Whether you’ve decided to move across town to a new home or take a new job thousands of miles away from your current location, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make quickly is getting your car from Point A to Point B.


While you may consider simply getting behind the wheel and driving it to your new location, the fuel costs and other factors can quickly give you pause for concern. To ensure a smooth relocation of your car, here are some tips from the team at SGT.

Take Photos of Your Vehicle

When you have your car transported by professional auto relocation specialists, problems rarely occur regarding a vehicle getting damaged. However, since something unusual happening along the way is always a possibility, take numerous photos of your vehicle before it embarks on its trip. Don’t be shy about taking as many photos as possible when doing so.


In fact, you can never have too many photos of your vehicle prior to auto transport. Even if your transport driver takes their own pictures of your vehicle, having your own pictures will give you peace of mind and be helpful should a problem occur during the trip.

Rely on Professionals

Unfortunately, many people out there today have a truck and trailer and will try to convince you they can get your car transported thousands of miles with no problem. However, the opposite usually happens if you trust these individuals. Rather than find your car damaged upon arrival or have it be very late at your new destination, put your car in the capable hands of professional auto relocation specialists such as SGT Auto Transport and gain immediate peace of mind.


By choosing a company such as SGT, with years of experience transporting vehicles and an excellent reputation with thousands of satisfied customers, your car can arrive on time, damage-free, and reasonably priced.

Ship Personal Belongings Separately

Many people think that when they are having their car transported offers them an excellent opportunity to stuff their vehicle with numerous personal belongings, thinking this will save them money in terms of moving costs. However, you should remember that most auto transporters recommend you ship your personal belongings separately. Doing so reduces the risk of some of your prized possessions being lost or damaged along the way. It’s also important to note that the costs associated with transporting your car are often linked to its weight, so putting more items in your car will make it heavier and thus increase your transport costs.

Choose the Right Type of Transport

Unless you have an antique car, luxury vehicle, or highly-specialized vehicle that is unique or even one-of-a-kind, chances are you will be fine choosing to have your car transported on an open trailer. This can save you a substantial amount of money and will be very safe if you have chosen to partner with an experienced and reliable auto transport company such as SGT.


Since open trailers allow transporters to relocate multiple cars simultaneously, this can save you money and help your car reach its destination quicker than you initially anticipated.

Disable Your Car Alarm

While giving your car a final going over prior to its transport, always make sure you take a few minutes to disable its alarm system. If you don’t, it’s possible the alarm could go off during transport.


Should this happen, your car’s transport driver may not be able to shut it off themselves, meaning they may be calling you to find out how to disable the alarm. This can not only be embarrassing to you but also create a delay for your car’s transport driver. Should the problem be extensive, it could even add to the final cost of the transport itself.


By following the tips listed here and doing other things, such as making sure your car insurance is up-to-date prior to your vehicle’s transport, a smooth relocation of your car is virtually assured. By trusting a company such as SGT with transporting your vehicle, peace of mind and fair pricing will be part of the deal.


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