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#StarsConnect! Meet Temitope Olaitan, One of the Nigerian Young Entrepreneur Making Waves in Clothing Industry

L-R: Mr. Olaitan Temitope Paffekt, C.E.O. Paffekt Clothing and Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, C.E.O. Jetheights Services Ltd.

You are welcome to Stars Connect Network, a Subsidiary of Jetheights Services. Stars Connect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large. We conduct interview sessions to find out everything we can about their journey to stardom, we hope to bring together stars who can be of benefit to one another and who can synergize with Jetheights in other to impact the community. Once again you are welcome to Stars Connect.

It’s great to have you on stars connect today. Could you please introduce yourself to the stars connect community?

Temitope: Thank you very much for the opportunity. I am Temitope Olaitan the CEO of Paffekt Clothing Nigeria. I went to Ibadan Boys High School. Hereafter, I went to the polytechnic of Ibadan for my National Diploma in Business Administration. Thereafter, I went to university Ado Ekiti for my Degree, and bags Bsc. in Marketing and later went for my Higher National Diploma (HND).

Why did you choose this profession? How long?

Temitope: Clothing business began 12 years ago during my ND programme but officially started 6 years ago. Then I was still at the polytechnic of Ibadan, Eruwa Campus. I used to brand for people and I took along with me everytime. It’s been something I love to do.


Mr. Olaitan Temitope Paffekt, C.E.O. Paffekt Clothing on StarsConnect

How did at the brand name “Paffekt”?

Temitope: Actually, the name didn’t come from branding. It actually came out from other things that I do.  One of the things I do is dance. I do it on a professional level. The name actually came from dance. I used to be called small. I realized that what people calls you and what you become in life most times has correlations so I just called every member of my dance group that I don’t want them to be calling me small again because of my stature, then they asked me what should they call me? I said I don’t know. Then someone said perfect. Before the person finished the sentence people were already hailing yeah! That’s the name.

How long did you learn this clothing business before you start yours?

Temitope: I wouldn’t say I did any kind of training. I can’t remember learning how to really do it. But consistency and being ready to make mistakes. Sometimes doing things in a different way, not following the usual way people do things. People see it in me that this is different, this is unique.

What do you love most about clothing?

Temitope: It is more or less like when God created heaven and earth and said this is good. The joy that comes to you when you see your innovations, this is what I created unlike someone did it and I copied it. That joy encourages me and keeps me going.


Mr. Temitope Paffekt with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, C.E.O Jetheights Services

Which type of clothing are you into?

Temitope: I specialize in casual wears. I do it for corporations, organizations and events.

How did you select the material used?

Temitope: The selection of the material are based on what I want to do. Seasons determines most times what you choose when you get to the market to select the fabric. Colors, textures and so on determines how the cloth comes out. The kind of branding you want to do on it. As well as determines your choice.

What were your pattern inspirations for the designs you created?

Temitope: There was no pattern. It depends on how well you could feed your mind. When you want to come up with any design. Sometimes when I watch movies or I walk on the street, the way things appeal to me, it could be a design on a car, or T-shirt even billboards that will arrest my attention. The way they use the color, the vector and so on. Subconsciously it stays in my memory and whenever I want to design, it has a way of poping up and I will get something out of it.


Mr. Olaitan Temitope Paffekt

What are the challenges facing clothing industry in Nigeria?

Temitope: There are lots of challenges. Going by the economy and others, lots of material prices have increased and you wouldn’t want to increase price. So the battle between cost and price is the biggest challenge we have right now?

What skills are important for a successful career in clothing?

Temitope: There are lots of skills to successful career in clothing. The first is you need to feed your mind, be creative. Think outside the box. The next is the sense for details. Another is to know how to design. Learn the technology aspect of it.


Mr. Paffekt with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao

What motivates you to continue in clothing?

Temitope: I’m type that always want things done. I always people around me to be happy. My Customers, my pastors and so on. Whenever I’m on my system with ear piece on, I’m in another realm entirely. Even when I’m not happy, when I get to my system it will flow. Sometimes I listen to music or have a walk.

You are a handsome man. How to you handle female customers when they admire you?

Temitope: What I do most of the time is that I let the job look so important to me that I don’t even give time to informal thing. Whenever it is going informal, I quickly formalize it. I make sure I do good job because from such people you get referrers. I’ll just push them into a friend’s zone. We still talk, we still chat but I try to keep it formal.

What are your plans for the future?

Temitope: The goal is to be the largest in West Africa competing with the likes of Addidas and Nike. Those are my biggest competitions. We are hoping to go into production of other accessories like shoes, palm sanders. There will also be something like dance school. Also, we want to cross borders. I have some of my clothes being sent abroad for sale. So, I’m planning to have branches outside Nigeria and Africa.


Paffekt with Jetheights Staff

How do you recess?

Temitope: I recess most time by taking two days off in a month. I travel to a place that I can just be alone and think and evaluate myself and plan.

Where are you from?

Temitope: I’m from a small town in Oyo state called Tede, Oke – Ogun.

What is your advice for young aspiring people reading this interview?

Temitope: The basic really is attitude. Most of the young ones want to work for money. They want to get a job to get paid. “The essence of working is to work not to get paid”. The reward for work is payment you get afterwards. The young people should get this right and lots of things will change.

How do people reach out to you in case of patronage?

Temitope: facebook: @paffekt

Instagram: @paffektclothing

Twitter: @paffekt

LinkedIn: @paffekt

E-mail: [email protected]

Office address: Plot 4, Agboluaje Layout, Alpha Grace Estate, Off Nihort, Iletuntun, Idishin, Ibadan.

Phone No: 08051440783, 08132855556

For more information about StarsConnect:

Phone No: 09050888890

Email: [email protected]



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