#StarsConnect! “My Vision is to be of Help to at Least One Person Daily”-Sunday Oni

Sunday Oni on StarsConnect
Sunday Oni on StarsConnect

You are welcome to Stars Connect Network, a Subsidiary of Jetheights Services. Stars Connect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large. We conduct interview sessions to find out everything we can about their journey to stardom, we hope to bring together stars who can be of benefit to one another and who can synergize with Jetheights in other to impact the community. Once again you are welcome to Stars Connect.

Can we meet you sir?

Sunday Oni: I am Sunday Oni, the Coordinator, Shyld Youth Movement and Shyld Foundation.

SHYLD becoming a household name today is not by accident. It is a product of an all encompassing platform known as “BROADNET”.
Broadnet in itself deals primarily with orphanages and giving hope to the less privilege in the society. And through Broadnet so many lives have been saved and hope rekindled

Shyld Youth Movement began in May 25, 2014 while Shyld Foundation began in December, 2014. Before the Shyld Youth Movement, Sunday Oni has been involved in so many things such as empowerment and have managed so many artistes both secular and religion such as Babatunmise, Kayode Kida kus, Royal Dancers and lots more. I’ve been into entertainment but now more into entreprenueship renaissance in a bid to advance Youth standard of living.

I’m married to beautiful Woman, Mrs. Yetunde Oni and we are blessd with two Kids. Now, I’m fully into fashion, TMD Clothing and multimedia.


Sunday Oni during StarsConnect interview

Could you please tell us about your background?

Sunday Oni: I was born on October 27th 1980. I had my Primary school education in the year 1986, my Secondary School Education in 1997. Later I proceeded to the Polytechnic of Ibadan, Eruwa Campus for my National Diploma (ND) in Business Studies majored in Marketing and graduated in 2004. Since then I’ve been into Phone, Laptop business and entertainment.

Haven come this far i thought it wise to give myself some more educational up liftment in order to be able to meet up with the modern day challenges which informed my intention to enroll for a degree program in Political Science.


Sunday Oni and Friend Seun Adeyemi. 

Why did you decide to further your education in Political Science and not Business related Courses?

Sunday Oni:  Like I said earlier on, before I read Business Studies, i major in Marketing and I’ve done appreciably well in that field to the extent of becoming a household name. I was the first person to do customize phone business like downloading on phone. And also the first  to do it commercially at the Cocoa House business axis. In a way to identifying my ingenuity and prowess I was nick named Eje to which is synonymous expertie.

I intend to go for Political Science due to the project I’m having at hand. The Shyld Youth Movement and Shyld Foundation. I cannot run the two projects successfully without basic knowledge in related field.


Sunday Oni and friend in a chat with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO, Jetheights Services

Does that mean you have political ambition?

Sunday Oni: I can not really affirm a position here because the coast is not yet clear for such decision. Like the slogan of the Shyld Foundation, “nothing about us, without us is for us”. To achieve anything in Nigeria of today, you must at least have knowledge of what is going on there. If you don’t have political and entertainment knowledge, there is limit to what you can achieve in life. So, that’s why I intend to study political science.

What is your take on Politics in Nigeria?

Sunday Oni: The way Politics is run in Nigeria nowadays is not the kind of politics I dreamt of. In fact, I don’t have role model in Nigeria Politics. The only person I was looking up to before is Babatunde  Fashola and as it stands today I need to be convinced of what I am going into and whom to patterned after. My going into politics is to make a difference. You cannot make a difference from outside. It is impossible! The politics of Nigeria of today is nothing to write home about and the youths need to rise and take up the battle. The old and recycled people in power are not ready to shift the ground, moving from one party to another to gain power by all means. The Nigerian youth cannot succeed without penetrating and going into politics.


Sunday Oni and friend in a pose with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO, Jetheights Services

It is believed that the ruling of Nigeria nowadays does not give room to the youths to operate. What is Shyld Foundation doing to correct this anomaly?

Sunday Oni: Considering the caliber of aged people in Buhari’s Cabinet and their portfolio, most of them have nothing to offer especially to the youth. The right people are not being put into the right place.

President Buhari made a great blunder by nominating someone of age 50-60 to manage Communication ministry, Youth and Sport. He should have consider people within a reasonable age bracket of  40-45yrs, so that he will bridge the gap between the youth and the aged. Such will have the feeling of the youth and at the same time, reason with the elderly ones.

Recently, Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria and there was reactions on Social Media. What is your take on the reaction of the Nigerian Youths to his visit?

Sunday Oni: I believed the youths welcome him well. I watch the livestreaming on Facebook and love everything he said. I don’t think Nigerian Youth really have negative comment. People embrace him, people loved everything he did.

What motivates you into Politics and Youth Empowerment?

Sunday Oni: Shyld Foundation is not all about Sunday Oni alone. I’m only the coordinator and convener. So many stakeholders invested in Shyld.

Shyld Foundation looks into Nigeria problems and think of what to do to help solve the problems. That is why we formed youth empowerment.

In 2014, we planned to empower 300 people but at the end, over 9000 people registered on our website. I can tell you categorically that our problem is within ourselves. “Nigerian Youths are not ready to face the challenges”. Some came for the empowerment interview while some did not but later called for reschedule due to their laziness or nonchalant attitude. Imagine people you want to help coming to you with range sport car. As part of our interview, we valued every participant because we can’t help those who can help themselves. We only chose those that showed passion and that cannot afford the money.

The empowerment had helped so many people that are now trainers and doing better today.

Some of the activities shyld have undertaken include the followings:
i. Seminars
ii. Anniversary foundation and award night
iii. Organizing workshops
iv. Scholarship to pupils etc.
These and many more are the cardinal objectives in which SHYLD hope to leverage on and by extension take it to a greater height through impact and collective responsibilities.

Nigerian Youth, We ourselves are not ready. People want already made job. We are not ready to face the stress. “If you cannot take charge, you cannot achieve anything”. My going into Politics and empowerment is driven passion.


Sunday Oni and seun Adeyemi with Jetheights Staff

How did you get finance to run Shyld Foundation?

Sunday Oni: Given back to the society is part of me. I enjoy doing it. “My vision is to be help  at least one person daily”. Since 2013 to this moment, I’ve never received a penny from any donor. The only people I receive help from are my friends. My wife and I took it upon ourselves as our project and some of my close friends only support us on the project financially.

We’ve reached out to some foreign donors but till now, we’ve not received anything from them.

Any challenges so far?

Sunday Oni: Since 2003, I have been working behind the scene.  It was 2014 that I started appearing face to face that I’m the Coordinator of Broadnet and Shyld Foundations. I don’t like blowing my own trumpet but recently people started telling me you are going into youth movement not about foundation.But you need to appear and be heard so that was when I started struggling to talk to people and grant interview. It is not my style.

Who or what influenced you into Youth Empowerment and how did they influence you?

Sunday Oni:  I can’t say somebody influenced me. It is a passion.

How do you run the empowerment?

Sunday Oni: I made it a network. I tried to connect employers of labor together and I sent proposal to them. I gave details of what I’m into and gave them number of people each will empower in their skills.  We ask people to register, and we send them to trainers for them to be trained on their choice of trade or profession.

I am not the one that empowered people but the stakeholders, the young entrepreneurs in Oyo State. It is just like; you are given back to the society through Shyld Foundation.

So many people have benefited from Shyld Foundation and today, they are employers of labor and trainers. My personal Photographer, graphics artist are product of Shyld Foundation and lots more. In all, I can Say it is God that motivates me.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Sunday Oni: My greatest achievements are the people I’ve helped that I’m seeing today and they are also making impact.

What are your future plans?

Sunday Oni: My future plans for Shyld Foundation is to sit back and count thousands of people that have greater success through Shyld Foundation. When I’m there, I want my people to be there. I want Shyld to be the major youth movement in Nigeria that Government will not be able to do anything without.


Sunday Oni and friend with Jetheights Staff

What is/are your advice to the Nigerian Youths?

Sunday Oni: My advice is that the Youth should take off their eyes from the “peanut” and “stipends” the politicians are using to rub us. Nigerian Youth should come together and form a formidable force that government cannot do anything without. Where we are going should be our priority. We should not allow money to be our priority.

Again, I implore Nigerian Youth to stop supporting Political Parties. These political parties are only using us to fight ourselves. We are the victim, they have nothing to loose.  Remember, where two Elephants fights, the grass underneath suffers. We are the one suffering.

Shyld Motto: Nothing about us without us is for us.

How do people reach out to you?

Sunday Oni: facebook: shyldyouthmovement


Instagram: @shyldyouth

Twitter: @shyld


Office address:  Suit 5, Ground Floor, Cocoa House, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Phone No:  +2348054726080   +2348100512628

For more information about StarsConnect:

Phone No: 09050888890







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