Tecno Outshines Samsung and Apple, Dominates Africa’s Smartphone Market

Tecno now leads smartphone sales in Africa, overtaking Samsung and Apple.

According to a recent analysis by Counterpoint Research, Tecno, a Transsion Holdings brand, saw a whopping 77% increase in smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Jack Guo, Tecno’s General Manager, joyfully announced the milestone, underlining the company’s tremendous progress.

Tecno’s market share increased from 15% to 20%, whereas Samsung’s declined throughout the same period. In 2023, Tecno, Infinix, and iTel held nearly half of Africa’s smartphone market share.

The business owes this impressive rise to its emphasis on low-cost smartphones, with models such as the Tecno Pop 7 and Camon 20 Pro garnering appeal among customers.

Tecno has continuously outpaced Samsung in African sales since 2020, owing to its clever pricing and marketing.

Yang Wang, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, cited the improved macroeconomic situation in Africa as a key factor in Tecno’s success.

Lower inflation rates and stable local currencies have strengthened consumer confidence, particularly among lower-income households, resulting in higher expenditure on electronics.

Tecno’s supremacy in the smartphone market is strengthened by aggressive marketing methods and ambitions to release high-end models such as foldable and flip phones.

These measures increased the brand’s visibility and trustworthiness, drawing a larger audience.

In addition to Tecno, other Chinese manufacturers, like as Xiaomi and Oppo, have experienced significant development in Africa. Xiaomi had a 7% market share in 2023, while Oppo had a meager 5%.

As Tecno continues to lead the way, Samsung and Apple face fierce competition in Africa’s thriving smartphone industry.

The success of Tecno, Samsung, and Apple in this region demonstrates the necessity of recognizing and catering to African consumers’ specific needs.

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