The Rise of Business Blogging in Nigeria

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The growth in internet usage and the concept of the metaverse seems to be the confirmation that we have entered a time of the global village. There is no doubt that the world is now more connected and that the saturation of the internet has made many changes on the African continent. This means that the ability for any Nigerian business to garner a global following is now a genuine possibility. One of the most acknowledged means of doing just this is the business blog. This article looks at the current rise in business blogging in Nigeria and how this can work for you and your business.

The Predominant Types of Business Blog


The top used and highest ranked business blogs in Nigeria are those that provide information and guides. Money making and monetized hobbies is one of the top trends in Nigeria. Just as the provision of product and service advice and detailed explanations about the business brand is another top trend. The idea of these blogs is thus to generate interest about the brand, but also to provide useful and valuable advice and information about specific subject matter. The more information that the blog provides that people can freely use to improve their lives or generate an understanding of your brand and the associated products and services, the better for your business. It is no wonder that the informative blog is the most used form of business blog that there is.


One of the keys to great blogging around the globe is to make it as personal as possible. You need to write for an audience and ensure that their feedback likes and suggestions are considered. A great way to take the blog personal is to create backlinks from other influential bloggers in the country or in the specific realm of the product and service you aim to provide. SEO professionals such as Click Intelligence have some great ideas to use influential bloggers to boost your content spread and cement your brand authority. This can make for some of the best personal relationships and linkages that great blogs are known for.

Fun and interactive

Whether it is quizzes or games, the blogs that can provide access to fun and interaction are some of the most sought after on the internet. The trick is still keeping the fun related to your business and or products, but the idea is clear: keep blog content fun. Add the ability to interact and encourage sharing. Again, as aforementioned you could also simply use back linked content to these type of blogs that will allow their visitors to directly connect to your products and services.

Nigerian business is beginning to reach the rest of the world, just as Nollywood and the entire music, media and entertainment sectors have begun a global boom, so too have a wide range of other businesses. One of the surest routes to modern day global business success has been to use as many proven means as possible to grow your business brand. Blogging is one of these and is beginning to take Nigerian businesses to the next level.



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