Toyin Lawani Details Battle With Brain Cyst and Degenerating Spine

Toyin Lawani, a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, has opened up about her battle with a brain cyst and a deteriorating spine.

In the most recent episode of ‘The Real Housewife of Lagos,’ Lawani went to the hospital with her husband, Segun Wealth.

The entrepreneur was diagnosed with “rise posterolateral disc protrusion” in the episode.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Lawani stated that she had surgery for “an implant of the C5 & C6 on the spine.”

The 41-year-old said she is still in the healing process and it will take a while.

The entrepreneur also called on her fans and critics alike to desist from making jokes about her condition while requesting their “prayers”.

“To everyone who has been making jest of my voice, You all need to stop it. You cannot force me to tell my story when I am not ready to & nobody on this earth will tell my story for me, except me, so do not listen to any rubbish insensitive narrative anyone sells to you,” she wrote.

“Trust me it has been years of health struggles & did it privately, but I show up and show out, I deliver to my clients with no excuses, even if it is the worst day of my life.

“So it is very pathetic when you jump on my page & make jest of something you know nothing of, it took me a whole 4 months to even talk again, so manage the sounds coming out from my mouth.

“Do not forget ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos’ was shot & done with months ago, so you are only watching past tense now. Just support me with your prayers that is all I ask.

“Stop jumping on my live video to teach me what to do or laugh at me, I am actually not finding it funny anymore,  I am still healing & it will take a while. Had to leave that negative environment, but you do not expect me to hide myself away forever.

“Important notice —- in simple English, it is a Brain cyst & a degenerating spine, not a brain tumour, cause I saw this on a blog. Which an implant of the C5 &C6 on the spine was needed.”


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