UNILAG to Become the First Nigerian University to Offer Double Degree Certificates

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has began awarding double certifications under a new program called the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business Incubation Certification (EIBIC).

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa, the federal university’s deputy vice chancellor for development services, indicated that students will obtain double certificates upon graduation.

According to Daily Trust, Atsenuwa stated this during the program’s introduction at the Akoka campus on Monday, April 22.

The UNILAG Senate authorized the EIBIC initiative, which aims to address socioeconomic disparities in Nigeria.

He stated that the program will begin with 100-level students who will be equipped for the future employment market.

He emphasized that entrepreneurship was critical to economic prosperity.

Prof. Sunday Adebisi, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre, stated that UNILAG is the first Nigerian university to provide two honors or degrees under the EIBIC curriculum.

Adebisi further stated that graduating students will obtain EIBIC diplomas in addition to their respective degree certificates.

According to Adebisi, the EIB programme strives to provide students with dual skills, boosting their employability and entrepreneurial abilities.

He further noted that the program’s calendar has been planned to ensure that students complete both programmes before graduating.

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