Why I Invited Pasuma and Portable to Church – Lagos Cleric

Aderemi Dabiri, the founder of Celestial Church of Christ in Land of Goshen, Lagos, claims he invited singers Pasuma and Portable to their soul-winning event.

The Lagos-based church came under fire in November after Portable and Pasuma were announced as guest performers at the church’s worship event on December 15.

The church’s international headquarters leader, Olatosho Oshoffa, said he had demanded that the poster be changed and that the musicians not perform.

Portable, on the other hand, said that he had earned N5 million and insisted on performing at the event.

In the midst of the uproar, Dabiri claimed that having the artists perform was a deliberate strategy to attract nonbelievers.

He also stated that he had previously welcomed other new members in this manner.

“It is not our first time inviting guest artistes. We have been doing it without a problem and I can give you a series of instances,” he said.

“I noticed that there are some notorious boys who cause trouble in the community, disturbing the authorities and engaging in cultism.

“I wondered how can we draw their attention so that they would have a change of heart. We have gone to places where they are and they ended up beating us.

“Most of the members of my church are new converts and it was through that pattern that I converted them.”

He said he prefers secular musicians over gospel artistes because they are “more respectful”.

“Some gospel ministers are rude. If you talk to some of them, they respond rudely, but the day I called Pasuma, he sounded respectful on the phone and also agreed with my stance,” he said.

While acknowledging concerns raised by the church’s task force, Dabiri committed to reducing the “excesses” of the performers, particularly Portable.

“We will tell Portable not to dye his hair and he should not sing vulgar songs but to sing gospel music. We will also caution him not to dress inappropriately or climb the speakers,” he added.

“We will also warn him not to allow his boys to smoke here. We have invited close to 30 military personnel to man the event.”

Dabiri also appealed for support from the larger Celestial Church community, stating that he wants to continue this evangelism style to grow the church.

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