Why I Kept Our Kids Away From OAP Dotun In Custody Dispute – Omotayo

The former wife of OAP Dotun, Omotayo Taiwo Oyebanjo, has revealed why she kept their children away from the media celebrity.

Dotun has been involved in a child custody fight with Omotayo, in which the artist Dbanj has also been involved.

Dbanj is a brother-in-law to Dotun and a sibling to Omotayo.

Omotayo got married to Dotun in 2013 but their union hit a rough patch in 2022.

Omotayo had filed for divorce, citing charges of coerced abortion.

The Abuja High Court granted them shared custody of their children, which Omotayo did not contest until the case was resolved.

However, Dotun maintains he is being denied access and that Dbanj is still a source of contention in the case.

In a lengthy statement in response to his accusations, Omotayo stated that she is in the custody fight with Dotun to protect their children from the abuse she claims she endured while married to the OAP.

She clarified that Dotun is well aware of where their children are and added that Dbanj had nothing to do with it.

“For 8 years, I tolerated your sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse. How did you expect me to raise the girls in that type of environment?” she wrote.

“This is not Dapo’s battle. Leave him out. All he did was help and cover your shame as you couldn’t keep up with your responsibilities. All Dapo ever did was help us.

“I started working for Mohits fresh out of college after working at Deloitte before I met you. And you are lying to your social media family that my mum made me quit my job.

“You asked me to keep working for Mohits for your own benefit so we wouldn’t have to beg. I was abused for several years and ran for my life. This has nothing to do with my life. This has nothing to do with Dapo.

“Dotun, you know where your children are. Stop misleading the public. They are not with my brother or family.

“So stop misleading everyone. It is dubious that you’re not interested in seeing your daughter but obsessed about Dapo. Every decision I have made was to protect the girls from your abuse.”


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