Why I Took A Break From Acting – Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi, the Nollywood actor, has revealed why he has been absent from the acting scene.

In a recent chat with HipTv, Diobi said he took time off Nollywood to acquire more knowledge and better his skills.

He also said he is officially now a filmmaker and into movie production.

“So basically, I put it this way, I always take time off to acquire more knowledge, to become something else in entertainment, and also to keep giving my fans what they want,” the actor said.

“And basically that’s why I’ve been off the scene for a while and I am coming back with a bang.

“Right now I have two movies in the works and I will be making it known to the public pretty soon.

“At the moment I can officially tell you that I am a filmmaker also. Not just the regular Nonso Diobi movie star you know.

“I am also into directing now, I’m producing my own movies and very soon the fans will really understand why I took some time off.

“Entertainment is my life. This is how I started from day one and I have been going on and on and consistently, I would always want to become something else.

“I would always want to offer to my fans, Nigerians, and anybody that loves me, I would always want to offer more.

“And that’s why I’ve been off, but I’m back, pretty soon we will be announcing the cinema dates, the streaming dates, the premier dates and go guys should watch out.”

Diobi said he was a choir member in his church and was encouraged by his pastor to venture into acting.

“I would say that everything about me has always been God’s plan. I actually started from my church choir, I was a drummer and also a singer,” he said.

“But from the same church choir, we were able to start a drama group, I don’t know how it happened but I saw myself doing so good acting in church drama.

“At that point, a pastor in my church told me ‘Look you are going to do great in the mainstream industry’ and that is what changed my life.

“I started pushing on to acting but a part of me still loves music.”

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