Why I Was Not Part of Big Brother All Stars —Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, has stated that he does not regret not being a part of the Big Brother Naija All Stars edition, citing that his commitments at the time he was summoned did not allow him to join other reality stars to be a part of the show.

Tobi, who went from being a reality star to earning honors as one of Nigeria’s emerging movie stars gracing the silver screens, stated that he wants to continue enjoying every moment of his life as an actor and giving it his all.

Speaking with R at a public meeting recently about his decision not to be part of the show, Tobi who provided insights into his career and his latest endeavor, “Slum King, added that he couldn’t join his colleagues on the show because he was ‘engaged’.

“Yes, it was cold, but you know, I think the things I had to do, everything I had going on at the time, it just didn’t match. I couldn’t have that in my space at the time.”

Tobi described his path from his early days on Africa Magic to becoming a well-known actor as an encouraging one for him and others who look up to him.

He recalled his lowly beginnings on Africa Magic’s “Hustle,” when he, Ochuko, and Dayo originally appeared.

Tobi stated that his first few moments in front of the camera were awkward, but he worked hard to improve.

Tobi discussed his experiences with writing, particularly when he received the script for “Slum King,” which he described as a challenge that he accepted, emphasizing the need of preparation and knowing the audience’s requirements.

Tobi acknowledged his affinity for action parts in Nollywood when questioned, but he also showed a want to explore other genres, including romantic dramas and even horror films.

Tobi’s future intentions include focusing on the present and doing his best in the roles he now occupies, while leaving room for future chances to arise.

Speaking about his toughest character, he said “So all of these characters kind of have their bits in me even till now, sometimes there is still Obalola in me, there is still Kala in me, they don’t totally go away. Of course I know my person and I’m reminded of my person every other day, so I hold on to who I am, but these characters do come and plug in and sometimes they just linger.”

On life as a father and husband now, he revealed that “I know God does everything for you. It’s the balance I need. You know, I have enough inspiration and ginger to kind of go out there and do everything I do and then when I have to leave acting, when I have to, you know, detach from a character, I have a very soft landing.”

He added that “I mean once I get home and my son is like daddy daddy daddy, come on, and then I see my small little angel and my beautiful wife, you know that’s all I need right now, I’m in a very happy place in life.”


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