Why Some Women Are Still Virgins – Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode, the actress, says some women are virgins “because of lack of sexual opportunities.”

In a recent interview with OAP Nedu’s Honest Bunch podcast, Olayode said women should not be judged by their virginity status.

The 27-year-old actress fondly called Toyo Baby, a sobriquet she got from starring as Toyosi in the series Jenifa’s Diary, said virginity is not what makes a woman “great.”

“So it’s our culture and that’s what we have brought to our way of life even up until now,” she said.

“But the fact that somebody is a virgin is not all there is to a woman, it’s not all what makes a woman a good woman. It’s not all what makes a woman a great woman.

“Because some people are just virgins because they’ve not had the opportunity to have sex, not because they want to stay that way.

“While there are other people who are not virgins but they are really good people.

“We don’t know the heart of people, we don’t know why, we don’t know what’s going on in their head, we don’t go to their houses with them.

“So, we can’t particularly say this is the person who is a virgin for this good reason or this bad reason. Or this is a person who’s a virgin and is doing other things beside it. Or this is why this person has lost their virginity.”

Olayode previously revealed that she considered marriage because she is having a hard time abstaining from sexual intercourse.

“My body has been fighting against me like I don’t know it again. It’s getting more difficult to abstain from sex. Everything in my head is screaming sex. The way it’s going, I’m thinking of getting married for sex,” she had said.

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