10 African Countries With The Highest Cost Of Diesel

Diesel fuel costs have a considerable impact on the social and economic development of various African countries, as they do in most other places throughout the world. The increase in diesel costs has a knock-on effect on various industries, including transportation, agriculture, and the overall cost of living. This is especially true in countries that have not explored alternative energy sources.

Excess diesel expenses could pose severe challenges that stymie the advancement of various African countries, especially if the common citizen finds it difficult to obtain this liquid fuel.

The high cost of diesel can also cause problems if the economy is heavily reliant on it, with few alternatives to diesel-powered engines.

In many African countries, diesel is the primary source of energy for a variety of devices, including generators that generate electricity.

High diesel prices also increase the cost of transportation, making the process of moving goods from producers to markets more expensive. This could exacerbate hunger and poverty by raising the expense of the aforementioned things.

In Africa, the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing sectors, as well as the service sector (in areas with limited electricity), are the key sectors that face high fuel costs.

Here are the top 10 African countries with the highest fuel prices, as reported by GlobalPetrolPrices.The list was last updated on June 24th, 2024, when the global average diesel price was 1.23 US dollars per liter.

RankCountryDiesel priceGlobal rank
1.Central African Republic$2.2084th
4.Sierra Leone$1.52445th

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